Year-End Summary Statement (Visa Benefits)

No matter how many times you work on your budget, or keep track of statements, your Visa Signature card makes things really easy for you with the Year-End Summary Statement. Through one neat document, you can keep track of your expenses, categorized as per your spending so that you have a very clear picture of how you've spent your money.

People normally use their Visa card for all sorts of things – from purchasing tickets to travel to all sorts of exotic locations to eating at the finest places across the country, shopping at the best retail and merchant outlets, watching the big games from the best seats in the house and more.

The Year-End Summary Statement covers your expenses, and gives you an insight into how and where you have made those purchases. You can not only conduct a quick budget analysis but also plan your financials well ahead and with minimum fuss. Taking a look at how, when and where the money was spent you have a very clear idea as to which area can be reduced and where you can gain maximum rewards for every dollar spent. Think of this statement as a fact sheet that makes it easy for you to know exactly how to manage your finances better.

Smart Annual Coverage

How would you know how much money was spent in a month on business services like entertaining your clients? Do you spend more during certain months than others? What sort of interest rates are we talking about? To answer all these questions, take some time to go through the Year-End Summary Statements that you get for your Visa Signature card. It makes budget analysis, forecasting and expense reports so very simple. Information is literally available at your fingertips.

What Sort of Information?

While it is certainly easy to get information, to make use of it is a little more difficult. After all, data is useless if you do not know what to do with it. To make things easier then, all the information in the Year-end summary is categorized into easily defined and identifiable labels such as "Travel and Entertainment," " Merchandise," and "Restaurants." By going through each category and the transactions you can find out exactly how much percentage of your money you have spent on a certain category monthly as well as annually.

The Transaction Details

The Visa Signature Year-End Summary Statement also gives you a detailed report on all the transactions you have made with you card. As mentioned above, these transactions are sorted in to their natural categories and are therefore available in a clear format. All credit transactions listed show details like date of purchase, location of purchase, type of purchase and amount. One look at this statement makes it easy for you to ensure that all your expense reports and other financial documents are in order.

While many people use their Visa Signature cards for the many travel, fine wine and food, shopping, discount and deals, and entertainment benefits – the Year-End Summary Statement ensures that everything is properly documented and it keeps your credit in perspective. This is how Visa works, making it easy for you to do that things that really matter.

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