Year End Summary Online (AMEX Benefits)

Whether you're trying to get a better handle on managing your spending, or you're trying to get organized for tax time, the American Express Online Year-End Summary tool can help. This convenient tool shows all of your spending over the year and can be sorted in multiple ways.

For people who have trouble getting their finances organized, this handy tool can help. It's also great for people who are extremely organized. It's a simple way to view spending habits and sort out expenses during tax time, especially for customers who use their American Express card for most purchases.

The Year End Summary saves customers time, is better than receiving a paper statement, and is available to all American Express customers. As they get used to using this tool, customers will enjoy the ease and convenience of understanding their spending habits and getting more organized.


The summary becomes available for online customers at the beginning of the year. Viewing the summary is easy. Customers should simply go to the American Express website and sign up for the service. Then, as soon as it's available, it can be viewed at the customer's convenience.

Year End Summaries will not automatically come in the mail after signing up for the online service unless customers specifically request it. However, it's simple to download the file and print it. The printed version looks exactly like the one that gets mailed out. Some card customers will continue to receive the mailing even after signing up for the online version, but the mailing can be easily canceled with a phone call.

Better Than Paper

The online version of the Year End Summary offers viewing options that customer's just can't get in a paper version. The summary can be sorted by different categories. This makes it easy to search for specific expenses or plan out budgets. Customers can sort by different data to help with whatever they are working on at the moment. The data can be sorted by looking at dates of charges, merchant names, or charge amounts. Customers can also view the summary of spend by category or by sub category. This offers lots of flexibility and convenience for reviewing what was spent and how it was spent over the last year.

When customers are ready to download it for their records, they can print their own copy. The summary can also be downloaded into Microsoft Excel which allows even more flexibility and control over the viewing of last year's charges.


AMEX has made this service available for all of its credit card customers. However, customers must have access to the internet to view the statement online. They must also have a compatible web browser in order to be able to view the document. To determine if a browser will work with the service, customers should review the American Express website.

Using this service gives customers control, flexibility and freedom when it comes to viewing their charges. It helps for managing budgets, making plans for saving more money over the next year, and preparing for tax time.

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