Working Around A Recession With The Discover Platinum Gas Card

During tough economic times, the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card could be an effective tool for saving money. Since you know you will have to buy gas anyway, a gas card is a great option for spending the money you have to but saving in all the ways you can.

It's never easy to try to survive during tough economic times. What you need is a powerful but simple financial tool that can make things a little easier. This is where the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card comes into play. It's a simple credit card with benefits that far outweigh its simplicity during tough economic times. This is something that will not surprise fans and long-time Discover Card customers because they were probably initially attracted to Discover's innovative programs in the beginning.

The Stats

The Federal Reserve states that since October of 2004, the use of credit cards (and other types of revolving credit) has risen by at least 2.5 percent. At the same time, the price of gasoline was at a national average of $2.96 per gallon which was, ironically, down by a penny from six months prior. With crude oil breaking record highs by surpassing $77 per barrel it was a pretty bleak time in terms of fossil fuel costs in the United States. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that things could not improve; especially if smart companies develop products like the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card.

Gas Rebates Benefit

In terms of gas rebates, the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card offers a pretty good program. When you use your card to purchase gas you will earn a cash back rebate all year long. This is much different from other Discover brand cards that only earn a percentage on a revolving catalog of products and services throughout the year.

Of course, because this is a Discover Card, you will still earn a cash back bonus on every other purchase that you make. Also, you can earn double cash back bonus when you convert your points/dollars into gift cards or gift certificates from one of Discover Card's affiliate partners. Also, there is no limit on the amount of rebates you can earn and your points never expire. This is the only credit card with a cash back bonus option that gives you total earnings freedom.

Other Benefits

Of course, the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card is not just a cash back rebate card for gas. In order to be competitive in today's saturated credit market it must also offer a handful of other popular benefits. Thankfully, the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card gives you:

  • Very low introductory interest rate on standard purchases for 12 months
  • Very low introductory interest rate on balance transfers for 12 months
  • $0 fraud liability protection
  • No annual fee
  • More cash back bonus rebate options than any other card (check, electronic account deposit, Discover Card account credit, gift cards or gift certificates with Discover Card affiliate partners)

Fine Print

While all of this sounds well and good, it is important to make sure you completely understand how the card works. For example the full cash back bonus is available on the first so much money in gas purchases. Anything more than this earns the standard percentage. Similarly, you will earn the full percentage on all other purchases. This may sound confusing but the bottom line is that although there are no limits, the way you earn your cash back bonus with the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card can change throughout the year.

It's not necessarily a good or bad thing (as it simply depends on how often you use your card) but it is certainly something of which you should be aware. Thus it is often recommended that you apply for the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card as a second card to use just for gas as a supplement to another card with other benefits, like airfare and other travel rewards.


You don't have to be discouraged when fuel prices rise thanks to innovative financial products like the Discover Platinum Gas Credit Card. Simply use this card when you purchase things you need, including gas, and you can get a variety of cash back rebates.

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