Warranty Manager Service (Visa Benefits)

Warranty manager service is available to Visa Signature cardholders and offers a variety of benefits which include warranty registration together with extended warranty protection.

Warranty Registration

Warranty registration allows you to obtain important information about your warranty coverage on purchases with one toll free telephone call. Once you forward warranty information with sales receipts for purchases, they will file all the information so that if you need a replacement or a repair, it becomes easy. The extended warranty protection element offered by warranty manager services extends the free repair period to double that of the original repair warranty up to an additional year on eligible warranties of 3 years as long as the item was purchased in full with an eligible Visa Signature card.

The advantage of registering is that it gives peace of mind in the knowledge that all purchases are on file with Visa so if things go wrong, they are easy to sort out with one call. No longer will you have to spend valuable time searching high and low for your sales receipts and warranties on products. Simply make one call to Visa to arrange for repair or replacement.

Visa Performance Guarantee

The Visa performance guarantee is part of the service and gives the option of additional benefit beyond that provided by Visa at an additional charge. It enables you to extend the warranty coverage for a period of up to 5 years from the purchase date. This covers costs of any labor costs or replacement parts deemed necessary for repair.

This is particularly useful for large electrical appliances such as refrigerators and cookers. The cost of the additional cover will vary on the retail price of the purchase and the number of year's additional warranty taken out. Consult your card issuer for the latest prices. There are different pricing for non computer products to those and their peripherals and accessories (laptops, MP3 players, etc).

Warranty Manager Service

Warranty manager service is eligible to all valid holders of Visa Signature card and it should be noted that coverage extends to gifts for others as long as they were bought in full with your eligible card. Purchases made outside of the United States are also covered as long as the same terms and conditions are adopted.

Purchases Not Covered

There are a number of purchases that are not covered by the warranty manager service. These include motorized vehicles such as aircraft, cars, boats together with any accessories such as motors, trailers, etc. Any purchases for commercial, professional or resale use are also exempt from coverage. Any items connected with real estate and leased or rented items are not covered nor is any medical equipment or computer software.

Unless you have registered your purchases (as recommended) you will be required to produce copies of any receipts for purchase when making a claim together with the original manufacturer's warranty. Any claim should be made within 60 days of the failure of the product to work properly to avoid the claim being refused.


Warranty manager service provides that piece of mind in the knowledge that should anything go wrong with any purchase made on your Visa Signature card, once registered, you are hassle free and one free toll call will be at that is required to initiate repair or replacement.

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