Visa Signature Sports (Visa Benefits)

What is it about human achievement that makes people do incredible things like jumping across a really tall bar using a pole, or crashing into a pile of helmets, body armor, and frenzy over a ball. This is Sports. This is how it is done and for those who want to get a look at the real action from the best seats in the arena: the Visa Signature Sports card is how it is made possible.

To be a true sports fan is to be more than a stats telling machine. It needs serious commitment to watch the game, to be there when the big event happens, and to ensure that your buddies are along with you. Visa power is what you need to show that you can make such things happen, for real!

From season tickets at unbelievable prices to ultimate football packages for the Super Bowl, from hotel bookings across the country following the PGA tour to meeting the masters, from national destinations to key locations - it is everywhere and it is where you can be with your Visa Signature Sports card. This is how you can get access to the best events, the best seats, the best everything.

No More Waiting

Need tickets to NFL games, need hotel bookings, need your jersey signed? The Visa Signature Sports Concierge will do it. All you have to do is ask. While things can be difficult, you will be amazed at what sort of things a Concierge will do to accommodate the needs of a Visa Signature cardholder. Get one already and get ready for all the action, excitement and thrills that your favorite sports promise.

More Finesse to Your Swing

For fans, Visa Signature delivers the finest deals with instant savings on any golf merchandise and packages at retailers. No more queuing up, just book your hotels with the Visa card and get access to the finest golfing grounds this country has to offer. Scroll through the array of packages and deals being offered every day on the Visa Signature Sports rewards web pages. You can pick and choose from what you want and if you do not find what you want today, log back online tomorrow! To follow the game, simply let the concierge know and your travel arrangements will be taken care of. Indeed, no more waiting needed.

More Than Just Sports

Do not let the name fool you. Even though it is called the Visa Signature Sports card, its benefits extend to a wide array of services. For example you are insured whenever you travel. When you purchase tickets with your Visa card, all your travel insurance is covered. The card also comes with an anti-theft plan whereby you have access to emergency funds / cash advances that are made available to you in as quickly as twenty four hours, if your card is lost or stolen.

Be in the game, be in the know and always, be the star - with your Visa Signature card, being a Sports buff is not that difficult!

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