Visa Signature Fine Wine & Food (Visa Benefits)

For those whose love of food drives them to the far corners of the earth, seeking the taste of the exotic and the original recipe of their favorite cuisines – the Visa Signature Fine Wine & Food card makes all the difference. This is because the rewards you get are as tempting as the food itself.

There is nothing like having pizza in Naples, or taking the trip to France just to have the authentic Foie Gras. This is what most foodies would like to do and yet so few can. If you want to belong to the latter group, take a look at how your Visa Signature card can make the seemingly distant dreams possible.

The Visa Signature Fine Wine & Food card can make extraordinary things possible and accessible. Imagine being able to book a table in normally booked out , where getting a reservation means calling months ahead. Imagine being able to walk in to high profile events, booking tickets to watch the extraordinary chefs perform, and perhaps even get that most sought after dish that you would otherwise watch someone else walk away with. The art of making things possible comes to those who have Visa.

Be Waited On

There are many who will call ahead, weeks and possibly months ahead to make a reservation. There are those who will walk in and get the table they seek. Your Visa Signature Fine Wine & Food card gets you to places where most people cannot reach. Find out what suits your palate, then choose the best restaurants that cater to your palate. Leave the rest to your Visa Signature website – log on and you will not be disappointed by the deals and details available to you. Book your table and get ready to dive into a world of culinary delights.

Let Your Taste Buds Decide

Click on the online access page of your Visa card and you can find the most suitable restaurants that you would like to dine at – depending on your mood, the occasion or budgets. But there is more than just information. The Visa Signature Fine Wine & Food card also saves that information in your cards data for the next time you want it. Say you feel like eating Ethiopian cuisine on a particular day and the website will give you a list of the best places to eat, with your favorite restaurants waiting to be reserved.

Even More Benefits

The benefits do not stop with the food items. Whenever you travel, if you pay for the tickets with your card, your qualified dependents and you are automatically insured. The card also comes with an anti-theft plan that makes it a valuable resource to have. In case the card is lost or stolen, you have access to emergency funds / cash advances that are made available to you in as quickly as twenty four hours.

To get the best deals when it comes to food and everything associated with it, let your Visa Signature Fine Wine & Food card lead the way. Know more, get access to more, and let your taste and preferences be catered to.

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