Visa Signature Concierge (Visa Benefits)

When you need information, when you need hotel bookings or car rentals in the middle of the night, when you are stranded at an airport, who do you call? The Visa Signature Concierge service prides itself on being handy to all Visa Signature cardholders no matter what they need. Of course, they draw the line at doing anything illegal but other than that, they can do some really amazing things.

Send in a request for the availability of a really big tub of nacho cheese, or booking a trip into space - they are more than happy to fulfill your requests. The Concierge service is complimentary and is available 24/7. This is personal assistance with an eye for detail, when you need it, wherever you are.

The Visa Signature Concierge number is available on the Visa website. One call can help you with all matter relating to travel, entertainment, business, shopping or retail needs and more. Plus, they do this gratis. No fees and no hidden charges for this invaluable service. In essence, the more you travel, the more you need to get work done, the less time you have to research the best deals, prices, food, tourist locations, shopping malls, gift purchases etc. This is where the Concierge comes really handy.

Travel Needs

Traveling can be a hassle and a money drainer, especially if you do not really have the information at your fingertips. Like the best rates on car rentals in that new country you are visiting, or the most romantic destinations and walkabouts in a new city. Call the Visa Signature Concierge service and they will do the research and send you the information you need, in the way you choose to receive it – on phone, via text, on email – whatever you choose.

Entertainment and Dining

Smart people do their research when it comes to eating out or eating late or making reservations. The smarter ones call the Concierge service. From making last minute reservations at your favorite restaurants to finding out about the eateries open at 2am in the morning - whatever you need, call the Concierge and get the information you seek.

Making it to the Events

The best seats at your favorite band's concert tour, booking tickets for the Premier screening of the latest blockbusters without waiting in queue - you get the idea. The Visa Signature Concierge is there to help you get the best experiences in town - from hot air balloon rides to the nearest paintball shooting park - just ask.

Getting Down to Business

Business meetings are done efficiently, business presentations are made smoother, when you have what you need and exactly when you need it. The Visa Signature Concierge can arrange for ink for your color printer to making reservations at the best auditoriums and meeting places, to putting together a map for an after meeting tour of the city. Making things possible is how the Concierge service operates. You call, they answer. It is that simple. Really.

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