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You can apply for the USAA Cash Rewards Platinum Visa and begin enjoying benefits almost immediately. If you want to earn cash back throughout the year, you can do so with no annual fees as well as the flexibility to make payments instead of paying the balance in full.

Earning Cash Back

It's possible to earn cash back just by using the Visa card. Every purchase earns cash rebates. The card can be used to purchase gas, groceries and make purchase around the globe. With the power of Visa, it can be used on the phone, in person and online to buy what you want. Each time you use the card, you earn cash rebates.

The monthly statements will show what has been earned in cash rebates. Each January, a cash rebate is then provided for what has been earned in the previous 12 months. The advantage to an annual cash rebate is that you never have to remember to go in and claim the rebate. It is automatically provided to you at the beginning of every year.

You can choose where and how you want to make purchases. The more you spend on the card, the more you can earn. The rebate percentage can fluctuate throughout the year and it's possible to earn more at certain retailers. Plus there is no limit to what you can earn, allowing you to reach high levels of rebates to reward yourself with what you want at the end of every year.

Enjoying Low Rates

Making purchases on credit card can be expensive. The card designed by USAA Bank provides you with low interest rates because of being in the military. The actual APR is dependent upon your credit score. This will be verified at the time you make your application. After that, you have the ability to lower your APR as your credit score improves over time.

You choose how you want to pay your bill each month. You can pay your bill in full and avoid interest completely. You also have payment flexibility to make the minimum payment if necessary to have more money for day to day expenses.

Looking At Other Benefits

You have multiple benefits as a cardholder for the Cash Rewards Visa. All of the benefits are provided to you at no additional cost. Since there is no annual fee on the card, you can enjoy these all year long without spending anything to get them.

  • Customer service
  • Fraud protection
  • Account management online

Customer service is a benefit that makes it easy to get more information. You can choose how you want to contact customer service. Toll free numbers provide you with an easy way to talk to a live representative. Email is another option that allows you to send a message and then receive a response from a representative. Customer service representatives can answer questions about card benefits, help you with credit line increases and assist with statement inquiries. The toll free number also provides you with an automated way to learn about account balances and credit line availabilities.

Fraud protection is ongoing with the account. You always have your card monitored to ensure no one is accessing your personal information. Unusual purchase patterns are tracked to help catch fraudulent activity early on. If detected, your account will be suspended until you can confirm or deny all activity. If there are purchases made fraudulently on your account, those charges will not be your responsibility. A new card can be sent out to you immediately so you aren't at further risk of fraud.

Account management is made available online. You will have the chance to set up a username and password to the account portal. Once that is done, you can access your account 24/7 to stay up on your spending and finances. View past transactions, look up your balance and find out your available credit. You can download statements and even pay your bills online. This is all provided for your convenience so you can ensure you know what is going on with your credit card at all times.


Applying for the USAA Cash Rewards Platinum Visa is simple. As long as you meet the basic requirements, you will be approved for the card. Once approved, you can start earning cash back with your very first purchase. All the other benefits begin immediately as well.

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