U.S. Bank Business Edge™ Platinum Visa: Lots To Offer Without The Frills

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The U.S. Bank Business Edge™ Platinum Visa has lots to offer, but it does not boast in that it is a more practical card than one that is trying to impress. It offers cardholders the opportunity to print reports, manage multiple cards, there is no annual fee, exclusive savings are offered, and it is a competitive card in its sector of the industry.

Accepted all around the world where Visa is accepted, the U.S. Bank Business Edge™ Platinum Visa is a business credit card that offers no rewards, but it does provide the business with a great deal of benefits that aids in money management, card management, and much more.

One of the exclusive benefits offered by this business credit card is the Connect website provided by U.S. Bank that gives small business owners the opportunity to take advantage of tools, resources, and useful information that can help in money management. Cardholders also have access to ScoreBoard, which allows for reports to be generated in a number of formats so that spending can be efficiently tracked.

Introductory Offers

There are introductory offers on the card, such as an introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers. The purchase APR lasts a specific period of time. However, the balance transfer introductory APR is in effect for the first 30 days after the account is opened. When a balance transfer is done during this time, the cardholder has the opportunity to pay a lot less interest on balances from high interest credit cards.

It is important to note that U.S. Bank reserves the right to change their introductory offer APRs, introductory offer lengths, and other terms regarding these offers.


This is a credit card that is designed to keep things simple, yet there is a lot that it offers, such as the account management and money management tools and the introductory offers. It also touts no annual fee. The only time that an annual fee is charged is when the account has been active. Cardholders can make a charge of just a few dollars once per year to avoid this fee. However, the card staying dormant for a year results in this small annual fee and it will be charged every year on the anniversary date of the last transaction.

There are also transaction fees associated with the different transactions. For instance, there is a cash advance fee that is a percentage of the transaction amount or a minimum dollar amount, whichever is greater. There are different types of cash advances that are provided. They include the Convenience Check Cash Advance where you can receive your advance in check form, cash advances through ATMs, Cash Equivalent Advances, and Overdraft Protection. The overdraft protection is a convenient way to keep your business bank account from becoming overdrawn. You will receive an advance from your card to your bank account so that your business account can avoid overdraft fees from exceeding its balance. Through this, you can keep the bills paid.

Another transaction fee is the balance transfer fee. It is also a percentage of the transaction or a minimum dollar amount.

Foreign transactions are charged as a percentage of the transaction. The exact fee depends on the currency being dealt with. Foreign transactions in U.S. dollars are going to lower fees than foreign transactions in foreign currencies, but the difference in the fees is very slight.

The penalty fees include a late fee if a late payment is made, an over the credit limit fee, and a returned payment fee. The penalties do expand a little further in that a penalty APR is applied if a late payment is late at least 5 days twice or 30 days once, a payment is returned, or the balance exceeds the credit limit twice. This penalty APR goes into effect for at least six months as long as six consecutive payments are made.

To further reduce the number of fees on the card, there is no charge for additional employee cards. This allows you to distribute cards to employees who are authorized to use them without having to pay extra for them.

Lastly, cardholders can avoid paying interest on purchases if the balance is paid off by the due date each month. The due date is anywhere from 24 to 30 days after the close of the billing cycle. This is a way in which more money can be saved with the card.


In addition to introductory APRs and online account management and spending management tools, this no-rewards card does give cardholders the opportunity to save money on purchases with name-brand merchants when the card is used. The Visa SavingsEdge program is free to sign up for and enrollment can be carried out online very easily. This program can result in business purchases being made much more affordably than they would otherwise.

Cardholders also receive 24/7 customer service that is domestic. You can be anywhere in the world using the card where Visa is accepted and call customer service with a question. The account can be managed online as well. Through both portals to customer service, you can check your balance, check your available credit, make payments, check transactions, and much more. As a part of this customer service is the Zero Fraud Liability Protection. This protection helps prevent fraud on the card and also keeps the cardholder from being liable for fraud on qualified transactions.

While this is a card that likes to keep it simple, it is one that has a lot to offer the business looking for a credit card that is easy to manage and affordable to have. With the opportunities to save that it offers cardholders and the protections from fraud and even bank account overdraft, the card is unique in a number of ways.


The U.S. Bank Business Edge™ Platinum Visa is a competitive credit card that stands out because of its practicality. In other words, the online account management tools, spending monitoring, overdraft protection, and other benefits have gotten the attention of businesses needing a credit card that gives them flexibility.

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