Travel Protection (MasterCard Benefits)

Traveling is a compulsory human activity. Due to the vast changes in the world's economy, and increase in awareness, the need for traveling has increased in leaps and bounds. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages including traveling. Despite the gains involved in traveling, there are also huge risks attached to it and they can include accidents, baggage delays, or damaged or lost baggage, etc. What therefore does this mean, stop traveling? No way! Insurance and damage goods waivers are what are necessary institutions have put in place to curtail incidences that can happen when traveling. It has to do with providing benefits spanning from reimbursements to outright replacements. Wonderful inventions! But there is a snag to this, the institutions or the common carriers most times don't live up to expectations. In cases like stolen luggage, the possibility of getting a replacement is very slim, at best the client is offered sundry benefits that cover just a minor portion of the client's loss.

Reason For Travel Protection Insurance

The ongoing airline policy (they will make effort to return the luggage) authorized by ATA is too vague and general because it does not make provisions for all cases of travel risk incidences except the case of lost luggage. So the question now is what happens to damaged, delayed, or lost luggage? Considering the frustrating procedure of obtaining travel protection for baggage or luggage, card providers and institutions like MasterCard stepped in to save the day… how? MasterCard services extend to providing an insurance policy that is more flexible, convenient, and almost risk free coverage for all card holders. Below are some of the benefits of MasterCard travel protection services.

Travel Accident Insurance Benefits

Travel accidents insurance benefits are provided to eliminate the insurgency client's experience in reclaiming accidents that occurred during travel. So in the event of death, injuries, or dismemberment, MasterCard provides adequate travel protection to guard against these incidences. To take part in these benefits, the traveling ticket must be fully purchased with the gold or premium MasterCard.

Lost or Damaged Luggage Insurance

The cases of lost or damaged luggage in transit are increasing and the common carrier has developed a thick skin to client's complaints and misfortunes. MasterCard stepped in by providing insurance coverage that benefits travelers whose luggage is either lost or damaged. So like travel accident insurance benefits, to receive the benefits in this package, card holders are expected to pay for travel tickets in full with their gold or premium MasterCard.

Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance

Accommodation being a primary human need is highly relevant in traveling because it provides travel protection to clients in the way of making available a place of security and comfort. Without hotel and motel provisions, traveling would be almost impossible because people would not have a place to stay. But unfortunately, hotel/motel accommodation that was supposed to provide security has increasingly gone downhill because burglary activities are on the increase, innocent people are robbed of their valuable properties, and sometimes left stranded. But for the timely intervention of MasterCard valuable hotel/motel burglary insurance services, traveler's experiences would have been more disastrous and more frustrating. To make use of MasterCard's hotel/motel burglary insurance benefits, you must use your premium or gold MasterCard to book the hotel or motel. Once this is done you will be entitled to receive coverage for your property in the hotel or motel room and you no longer have to live in fear of losing your belongings to burglars.

Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver Insurance

Traffic accidents and incidents are increasing, so there is every possibility that one could be involved in an accident, even though no one wishes for that to happen. Car rental collision damage waiver insurance is a reality and you have to choose to get this insurance to make sure you are covering yourself. Using your gold or premium MasterCard to pay for the car rental is a smart thing to do. MasterCard travel protection for car rentals is very extensive as they go beyond the “car collision” provision to other incidences like vandalism, damaged luggage by any conditions like weather. So MasterCard does not only make provisions if the car rented is involved in a collision, it extends to vandalism and damage from weather conditions.

MasterCard Baggage Delay Insurance

Baggage delay is a very frustrating incident and what can be even more frustrating is if the carrier offers a very vague provision to cover travelers who are unfortunate to be victims. Sometimes it takes as long as three months to find a delayed baggage. This frustrating circumstance can be avoided if travelers are wise enough to pay for their traveling ticket with their gold or premium MasterCard. While waiting for the baggage to be found, Citi MasterCard will provide you with money so that you can purchase some replacement items.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

MasterCard trip cancellation insurance is provided to cover events of trip cancellation by the carrier so in effect the traveler and those he or she is traveling with (family) are protected against the carrier's existing non-refundable policies in the event that traveling is interrupted or cancelled.

Mastercard travel protection benefits are indeed valuable and very efficient. Travelers don't have to suffer from traveling incidences; they can now travel in peace without worrying about losing their luggage.