Travel For Less With The Priceline Rewards Visa Card

You can apply for the Priceline Rewards Visa Card easily online. As soon as you are approved, you can begin spending on the card and earning various travel benefits. If you've always liked the Name Your Own Price feature, you will like the card, too.

Applying For The Card

The application is available online for your convenience. You have the ability to fill out the application day or night. It will ask for personal information including your billing address and your social security number. Everything will be submitted over a secure connection. Your information will be verified and a credit score will be accessed. From there, you will receive a credit decision.

In most cases, you will find out if you've been approved within seconds. If approved, a card will then be sent out to you. The moment you activate the card, your benefits will begin. You also have the opportunity to request additional cards for family members, which can help you save more money throughout the year and earn more rewards.

When your card is approved, you will be told if you are able to avoid an annual fee. Upon the proper credit worthiness, you can have the annual fee waived, making it even more affordable to make purchases on the card throughout the year.

Earning Travel Benefits

There are many ways for you to get travel benefits when you use the card. You will earn points for every dollar that you charge to the card. You will earn more points when you use the card on as well. This means that the more you charge to the card, the more points you earn. As long as you don't exceed your credit line, you can keep charging in order to get closer to the different reward tiers.

The rewards are offered to you throughout the year. You can choose the reward that you want. It will be possible to use the points for airline tickets, hotel stays and car rentals. Depending on the amount of points you have, you may be able to pay for your entire vacation. There are various airlines and hotel chains available, allowing you to go where you want when you want.

All of the travel benefits are at no cost to you. You will earn the points for every dollar that you charge to the card. With no limit to the amount of points you earn, you can redeem them for travel throughout the year. Whether you want to stay local, travel across the country or even go outside of the country, you can save on all of your travel itineraries by using the card.

Features Of The Visa Card

Many features exist with the Visa card as well. The more you use the card, the more the features can come in handy for you. Some will save you time, others will save you money. None of these cost anything – and with no annual fee, it makes it an affordable card to have.

  • Low APR
  • Fraud protection
  • Online account management
  • Live customer service representatives

There is a low APR on purchases for the card. When you make purchases, you have two options for purchases. You can take advantage of the APR and make smaller payments, taking longer to pay for your purchases. You can also avoid the APR and interest charges by paying for your purchases in full when the statement arrives each month. If you choose to take cash advances or make balance transfers on the account, they may be subject to a different APR than purchases.

You will have fraud protection on the account without doing anything. The account is always being monitored to ensure your personal information is protected. All activity is watched to see if there is anything unusual. If you have two purchases show up on your account from two different locations, you will be contacted to verify the information. You are never liable for a charge that appears on your account through fraudulent means.

Online account management is provided to you to help manage your finances. You can create a secure username and password to gain access to your account. You will be able to get up to the minute account details on your credit card anywhere that you have an internet connection. It's possible to see your balance, your available credit line, past purchases and more. You can look up purchases made in the past and look up current and older statements. There are also ways to download your statement as a PDF or to one of the different accounting programs on your computer. For added convenience, bill pay is online. You can have your monthly payment auto debited from your account so that you don't have to write a check and put it in the mail. With so many ways to manage your account, you can ensure you don't overspend throughout the year – and that you're never late on a payment.

You can also speak to live representatives for customer service. There is a toll free number located on the back of your card that you can call. In addition to the automated message where you can get basic account details, there is an option to speak to a representative. With the ability to talk to an actual person, you can always get questions answered. This includes everything from disputing a charge to asking for a credit line increase.

Final Word

Traveling is easier with the Priceline Rewards Visa Card in your wallet. The more you spend on the card, the more reward points you can earn. You're in charge of what you spend the rewards on and how you use them to make your vacations even cheaper.

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