Travel Assistance (MasterCard Benefits)

Mastercard holders can enjoy a full range of travel assistance benefits which assist you whether you are travelling by air, road, or sea and include medical and legal help should you run into any difficulties when away from home.

The range of travel assistance benefits are as follows:

Airport Lounge Access

This benefit will make travelling by air less stressful for you as it provides you with member's access with Priority Pass to VIP airport lounges in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Cardholders can enjoy all the privileges and amenities on offer such as complimentary newspapers, refreshments, and television regardless of which airline you are travelling with. Access to business facilities (telephone, internet, fax) are also available in certain lounges. To gain admission, cardholders should obtain their membership cards before they travel through Priority Pass.

Travel Assistance Services

Mastercard holders benefit from a range of travel assistance services that provides information that you will find useful before you travel to your chosen destination. You will be informed on such matters as Visa/passport requirements and any immunization that may be necessary depending on where you are travelling.

The service can also provide information on exchange rates and assist in cases of lost or stolen luggage and/or travel documents. The travel assistance service also provides you with access to a network of medical staff worldwide (physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists) if required as well as arranging any hospital transfers. Legal advice is also provided as the service allows you access to local embassies and consulates, providing that your travels take you more than 60 km (100 miles) from your home.

Roadside Assistance

The roadside assistance benefit is a service which assists motorists and includes emergency help when required with things like jump starts when your battery has died, changing a flat tire and should you run out of fuel, delivery of enough fuel to get you on your way to the nearest filling station.

The service is available to you 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Any associated fees are agreed in advance and billed to your Mastercard. This service is of benefit as it negates the requirement to obtain and pay fees for annual membership of an Automobile Association breakdown company on the off chance that you will need their service. This service means that you will only pay when the need arises.

Mastercard Global Service

The Global Service entitles you as a Mastercard holder to receive emergency assistance when travelling outside your home country almost anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night, in virtually any language spoken throughout the world. The service provides emergency customer care that is second to none.

Mastercard Global Service gives you as a cardholder access to the following range of services provided either by Mastercard or some other third party service provider.

Stolen/Lost Card: Mastercard will assist you with reporting if your card is stolen or misplaced and will begin the process of cancelling the card and replacing it.

Emergency Card Replacement: You can get your card replaced quickly when it has been either stolen or lost anywhere in the world usually within two working days. Emergency replacement cards are usually delivered to cardholders within the USA within one day. The working relationship that exists between Mastercard and Western Union means that cardholders have access to cash at over 230,000 locations around the world.

ATM Locations: The service will locate the nearest ATM to your location and you will be able to obtain cash from any of the 1 million ATM's worldwide within the Mastercard ATM network. They will also answer any questions or enquiries that you may have regarding your account.

The overall benefits to cardholders travelling are that the Mastercard Global Service provides the convenience of being able to contact someone anytime, anywhere in the world. It also provides security by providing assistance if your card is stolen or lost .Finally, the service provides free access to assistance through any of MasterCard's 79 toll free telephone lines – and in your preferred language. It clearly lives up to its name as being a global service.

Mastercard travel assistance benefits make leaving home for any travel – be it a short weekend break or the holiday of a lifetime that little bit safer, in the knowledge that should you run into difficulties, the range of benefits covered by Mastercard are there to help you should the need arise.

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