Travel Assistance Services (MasterCard Benefits)

Life can sometimes be difficult particularly if things don't go according to plan when you are away from home on your travels. As part of their travel assistance benefits package, MasterCard provide a range of travel assistance services to make life easier including the provision of information prior to you taking any trip as well as assistance with health or legal issues when travelling distances greater than one hundred miles from where you normally reside.

Travel assistance can be very reassuring, particularly if you are visiting a country for the first time and you do not know where many things are situated and do not speak the local language. Cardholders need to be aware that they will be responsible for any fees incurred for any emergency or professional services requested (i.e., legal/medical bills and should take out separate insurance cover).

Mastertrip Travel Assistance

Mastertrip can provide travel information before you start your trip and will inform you of the correct documentation required depending on where you are travelling to (Visas, passports) together with any immunizations you may require. They can also provide you with exchange rate details although you need to be aware that these can fluctuate. Mastertrip also help you should you lose any traveling gear (e.g., luggage or indeed) if it is stolen. Again, remember that this is not an insurance policy and you will not be reimbursed for any permanent loss of documentation or equipment. Mastertrip can, however, arrange for money transfers from friends and/or family in an emergency up to an amount not exceeding $5,000.

Medical Assistance

Travel services will provide a network of doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacists etc worldwide and in emergencies, a physician can be contacted to consult with the local medical staff in order that your condition may be monitored. Should you end up in hospital, they can arrange messages to be relayed home or where medically necessary, arrange your transfer to another medical facility. Indeed, if you are travelling alone and seek comfort, they can arrange for a family member or close friend to be transported to your bedside (at the cost of the cardholder). In the event of a fatality, they will assist in making the necessary travel arrangements for you and anyone you were travelling with.

Masterlegal Referral Service

This service provides English speaking legal consultant or representative of an appropriate consul or embassy should you find yourself in such a situation. The service provides assistance (free of charge) in arrangements for the transfer of funds from friends and/or family to cover any legal costs or bail. Again, it must be remembered that the responsibility for such fees rests with you and not the card issuer.

MasterCard, therefore, provides you with valuable travel assistance with its range of benefits to assist on any travel away from home and remember that the service may be used within 100 miles of your home as well as when travelling to foreign countries.