Travel Accident Insurance (Visa Benefits)

While most credit card companies provide travel and emergency assistance, the Visa Travel Accident Insurance ensures complete safety and peace of mind. Traveling is a lot easier and safer when you use your Visa card to purchase airline tickets. It is a simpler way of enjoying hassle free travel.

No matter where you want to go, Visa has you covered. Purchasing tickets, enjoying the rewards of using your credit – it is all made simple with Visa. To get the most out of your travel, make sure you use your Visa card every time and let the benefits and convenience of Visa make your journey a smooth one.

Visa Travel Accident Insurance covers your life as well as those of your dependents when you travel - not only on the common carrier used but also when you travel to and from the airport to your destination. This works smoothly when you have purchased your travel tickets and charged the entire fare on your Visa card. Keeping things simple and efficient is how Visa makes it possible for cardholders worldwide to travel without worries.

Hassle Free Coverage

Whether it is a business trip or a well deserved vacation, using your Visa card makes a whole lot of sense. Consider that the cardholder and his or her dependents are protected when traveling. The Visa Travel Accident Insurance is activated automatically when the entire Common Carrier fare is charged to the Visa card. No more filling forms or hassles of obtaining additional insurance while traveling. Just charge your tickets to the Visa card and enjoy the benefits.

Smarter Protection for Travelers

The cost of insuring your family when you travel can add up significantly to the overall budgets. Which is why at Visa, they try to make things easier and simpler. When all tickets for the Common Carrier are purchased on the Visa card, the cardholders and his or her qualified dependents are automatically covered for Death and Dismemberment. This means in case of any accident, Visa will provide the cardholder with funds that are so helpful in such situations. The minimum amount of such coverage may vary and it is best to check with the Visa Customer service to find out the exact amount of the coverage.

Start to Finish Coverage

You have made your ticket purchases using your Visa card. On the way to the airport, the unimaginable happens and you are caught in an accident. The Visa Travel Accident Insurance extends coverage to this situation too. If the entire Common Carrier fare is charged to your Visa card prior to departure for the airport or bus station or train station, coverage is extended to your travel to the journey to airport or any other common carrier terminal when you use a common carrier transport (taxi, bus, train). This coverage is also provided to the qualified dependents of the cardholder. No forms, no queues, just efficient service.

To travel hassle free, use your Visa card. The benefits of the Visa Travel Accident Insurance keep you and your family protected and this is no laughing matter. It is just making things easier for Visa cardholders everywhere.

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