Tax Refund Credit Card Features

When you're looking for a prepaid card around tax time, a tax refund credit card can be the best solution. Features vary per card but many of them remain the same, including the ability to have a tax refund loaded directly on the card.

Taxes may only come once a year but the refund can be enough to fuel your savings or spending for a significant period of time. Instead of waiting for a check to be mailed, there is another alternative – in the form of a tax refund credit card.

Get a Tax Refund Fast

When you have a tax refund credit card, it provides you with a very fast tax refund. Many of the top income tax return companies offer a prepaid Visa card. This gives you the opportunity to get your tax refund within days instead of waiting weeks for your refund to appear in the mail.

The tax refund may be for a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. Regardless of how much it is for, you shouldn't have to wait for it. The prepaid credit card is designed to provide you with the speed you need to facilitate spending.

Instead of waiting until April 15 to file your taxes, file as soon as you have everything in. Then you can process and find out how much you're getting back. Within days, the money will appear on your tax refund credit card, providing you with an easy way to make purchases, pay bills or take advantage of a number of other features.

Enjoy Prepaid Visa Features

Every credit card has its perks. Some offer travel rewards, others give you cash back. With the tax refund credit card, it's a prepaid card that provides you with a fast way to get your tax refund. There are a number of other benefits to the card beyond getting your refund faster, too. These include:

  • Ability to reload
  • Use card anywhere
  • Online account management
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No interest rates

The initial money that goes onto your card is the tax refund. Once that money runs out, you have the ability to use the card repeatedly. You can add money to the card in a number of convenient ways. You may make direct deposit, transfer from a bank or savings account and potentially visit local retailers to load cash onto the card. This gives you an easy way to always have money on the card.

With a Visa or MasterCard logo on the card, you have the ability to purchase anywhere. Visit retailers online to make purchases. Book travel itineraries over the phone. Travel around the world with the card. Swipe it at ATM machines to pull out cash. The card goes wherever you go. It is accepted virtually everywhere, giving you the buying power you need.

Online account management accompanies the tax refund card. Log in with a personalized username and password. You can find out how much is on your card and view recent purchases. Download statements to your computer to track your money. Set up account notices to learn about what your spending habits are. You can even set up bill payments over the internet to take care of one-time or recurring payments to a number of creditors.

Customer support is important with any credit card. If you have a question on a feature of the card or want to dispute a bill, you need a way to contact customer support. By phone and by email are the two most common formats. Contact a representative from the credit card company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way you can ask questions when it’s convenient for you.

With a prepaid tax refund credit card, there are no interest rates to be concerned with. Your buying power is limited to what you have on the card. There's no way to go into debt. Should you want to spend more, you will need to load more onto the card. This protects your interests so you don't spend more than you actually have.

Final Word

Everyone wants their tax refund as fast as possible. With the tax refund credit card, you get that, along with a number of other features. It's the prepaid Visa that's worth having in your wallet at tax time and throughout the year.