Shop With The Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card

You can enjoy all that the Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card offers once you fill out the application. Not only will you be able to earn gift cards to the store, but you can take advantage of various culinary experiences and save year round, as well.

How To Earn Points

There are many ways to earn points with the Williams-Sonoma card. You will earn points for every dollar that you place on the card. If you use the card at the Williams-Sonoma website or at any of the stores around the world, you will earn even more points. It's also possible to earn bonus points with an introductory period purchase as well as with purchases at Williams-Sonoma on a bridal registry.

There's no limit to the number of reward points that you can earn in a calendar year. You simply earn the points with every dollar that you spend. The more you spend, the more points you can earn. Then you determine how you want to redeem the points based upon what you want to buy, what you have already bought and what kind of experiences you want to take advantage of.

Features Of Williams-Sonoma Card

Redeeming points are one of the main features on the Williams-Sonoma card. You can redeem for gift cards, statement credits or culinary experiences. Once you have the points, you determine when you want to redeem them and for what.

The gift cards are available in denominations of $25. You can keep them for yourself or give them to family and friends to provide you with more opportunities to buy what you need for your kitchen and for gifts.

The statement credits can help pay for things you already have bought. You determine how much of a statement credit you want to take based upon the reward points that you have. This makes it easier to save money throughout the year.

There are also culinary experiences provided in stores worldwide throughout the year. These are exclusively for cardholders, allowing you to take advantage of many different perks. The experiences vary throughout the year, which means you have to keep on the lookout for a feature that you want to be a part of.

Features Of Visa

There are many Visa features that you can take advantage of with the card as well. Not only is the card valid at Williams-Sonoma, but it's valid anywhere that Visa is accepted. This means that it can be used at stores all around the globe and online. It can also be used to complete transactions over the phone and at kiosks. In the times where cash is needed, you can visit an ATM machine and get a cash advance using the PIN provided to you when you receive the card.

Some of the other features you can benefit from include:

  • Online management of account
  • Customer service
  • Fraud protection
  • Emergency card replacement

Managing your account is important. You need to know how much you have incurred in debt to avoid going over your credit line. You also need to manage the account so you don't incur so much debt that you cannot make the monthly minimum payments on the account. It is easy to manage this account because all of the details you need are online. You will be able to access all account details over the internet using a username and password. Once you log on, you can find out balances, credit line availability and even look up some of your past purchases. For your convenience, you can view statements or download them to your computer. It is possible to avoid writing a check and putting it in the mail because statements can be paid online. They can also be scheduled in advance to avoid being late. Additionally, if you have questions for customer service, you can submit them online.

Customer service operates 24 hours a day for your convenience. When you call the toll free number on the back of the card, you are given two options. The first is to listen to the automated system to get up to the minute account information. The second is to talk to an actual representative where you can have your questions answered immediately. Whether you want to ask for a credit line increase or dispute a charge, you can do so quickly any time of the day or night, seven days a week.

Fraud protection is covered on your account at no additional cost to you. Not all cards have fraud protection and this can be dangerous because of the hackers that are out there. You want to use your card knowing that your personal information is safe. The bank provides round the clock monitoring so you don't have to worry. If a charge ever does show up on your account, you can rest easily knowing that you aren't liable for paying for them.

Sometimes you lose your card – or it is stolen. Visa offers an emergency card replacement so you are never somewhere without a credit card. No matter where you are on the seven continents, a card can be sent out to you immediately so you have a way to make the charges that you need. This is a free service that is offered for your convenience so you are never without a way to pay for all of your purchases, no matter whether you are on vacation or on business travel.

Final Word

Buying supplies for your kitchen and learning to cook with passion is simpler with the new Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card. You can save and spend and explore with the card. Most importantly, it gives you the spending power to buy where and when you want.

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