Satisfaction Guarantee Coverage (MasterCard Benefits)

MasterCard since 1966 has served millions of customers worldwide. With its excellent customer services, unmatched credit card benefits and ease of access, the company has firmly planted its brand in more than 210 destinations on the globe. The company has always offered its consumers a win-win situation whether it is shopping protection, personal assistance, travel assistance or insurance. This article aims to discuss the company's policy on satisfaction guarantee.

MasterCard under the policy of satisfaction guarantee states that customers upon being dissatisfied with a product purchased via their MasterCard card is eligible for a refund for up to $250, only if the store fails to accept a return and the claim was made within 60 days of the purchase.

Defining Satisfaction Guarantee

The policy of satisfaction guarantee is an excellent benefit for those who love to shop. Under this program if you fulfill the policy rules your purchase cost would be recovered up to a considerable extent.

The concept of satisfaction guaranteed has been subjected to speculations; often disgruntled consumers take a legal action against the service provider or the original manufacturer. By and large a cash refund or replacement of the product is considered as an acceptable form of customer satisfaction. However, in few cases consumers might want to take a deeper plunge until they are absolutely satisfied with the reimbursements.

Under which circumstances the Satisfaction Guarantee Coverage policy is agreeable? Incidents that involve damage to consumer well-being due to the product are subjected for an appropriate reimbursement. For example, if the defective product caused you a physical injury or damaged your clothes while you were operating it, the store manager or OEM is very likeable to reimburse for your loss.

However, if the product is found to be tampered reimbursement in the form of cash or product replacement will not occur.

That being said, under MasterCard satisfaction guarantee policy may receive a refund up to $250 if the product failed to meet your expectations, and the store manager denied reimbursement despite your genuine persuasion.

How to Claim Satisfaction Guarantee?

In order to make a satisfaction guarantee claim you must make the complete purchase with your eligible MasterCard. Call the toll-free phone number and explain your situation, the customer service agent will make an inquiry before honoring your claim. Once you receive the claim form, fill it up and attach all the relevant documents duly signed by you.

Documentation includes your MasterCard sales receipt, purchase bill received from the OEM or store manager and any legal document like police report. Over and above this checklist you may have to submit additional documents as per your situation. Ensure that these are authentic proofs lest you may face severe legal hassle.

The MasterCard credit card department will take up to few business days to thoroughly check your claim and once the procedure is finished and if honored, you will receive some respite for your damage. Even thought the product value can never be replaced, yet the company takes special care to soothe your pain.

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