Roadside Dispatch (Visa Benefits)

Another of the many benefits afforded to Visa Signature cardholders is roadside dispatch. This benefit enables cardholder’s access to be referred to a dispatch company to provide emergency roadside assistance services such as towing, delivery of fuel, and 24 hours a day by toll-free referral dispatch. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to pay any service fees or charges.


The benefits are that first of all, one free telephone call will connect you to the road dispatch service. This benefit covers cardholders who have a rental car as well as their own vehicle. There is an all in one price service which includes the following services.

  • Towing -- Your vehicle will be towed up to a 5 mile radius of the breakdown for vehicles up to a weight of 1 ton. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to pay the service provider for any additional mileage towed over the 5 mile limit. Any second unit being towed behind (e.g., a trailer) is not included in the original price but for an additional fee may be accommodated. Visa has no responsibility for the service provider as they are independent contractors providing emergency roadside assistance.

Although every reasonable effort is made to provide this service, certain remote or inaccessible areas may render towing not to be available. Response times may also be affected in adverse weather conditions.

  • Winching -- In addition to towing, your vehicle will be winched as long as it is within 100 feet of a paved or county maintained road. Certain other circumstances may result in an additional charge being payable.
  • Tire Changing -- The service provider will change any tire that is deflated as long as there is a legal inflated spare tire suitable to replace it.
  • Battery Charge -- In circumstances where the battery has failed, the battery will be boosted by the service provider to enable the vehicle to continue on its journey within a short time period.
  • Delivery of fuel -- In situations where you run out of fuel, and as long as it is safe to do so, the service provider will deliver up to 5 gallons of fuel ( maximum) to ensure that you can reach the nearest available filling station - the cost of fuel not included and will be charged to the cardholder.

The system works in that once you have called Visa, they will connect you to the road dispatch service. You simply tell them the nature of the problem, your location, and give them the telephone number of where you are calling from. You will be given the service providers name along with an estimated arrival time together with an estimate of how much it will cost you.


Many people do not realize that their card provider can provide such a valuable beneficial service and the best thing about the service is that you will only pay for the service when it is absolutely needed - unlike having a membership to an automobile association for which you pay an annual fee regardless of whether you use it or not. It provides that extra piece of mind that in the event of a problem occurring when on the road, help is merely a telephone call away.

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