Roadside Assistance (MasterCard Benefits)

Roadside assistance is another benefit within the range of travel assistance benefits given to Mastercard holders. The service includes arranging roadside assistance in an emergency and includes such things as tire changes, jump starts, and delivery of fuel should you run out of diesel or petrol. All fees associated are negotiated beforehand and billed to your Mastercard.

Roadside Assistance Benefits

There are a number of benefits to having roadside assistance as part of the services that come with being a cardholder. First of all there is the safety aspect. The likelihood is that, even if you have a relatively new vehicle, that it will blow a tire unexpectedly or run out of fuel or if you do break down, it will be in a remote area. When calling for roadside assistance, at least you will be safe in the knowledge that you will be attended to by a qualified professional. The service is also available 24 hours per day by making one convenient telephone call.

Also, because you only use the service when you need it, you will not be required to take out an Automobile Association Membership year after year on the off chance that if something does go wrong, then you are covered. It may give peace of mind but it is an expensive option in relation to using the services offered by Mastercard. The roadside assistance service covers every Mastercard holder driving almost any passenger vehicle whether it be owned, loaned, borrowed, or on hire and can be used on as many occasions per year as is warranted.

What is Covered?

The cardholder is covered under roadside assistance for the following services:

  • Battery charge: Wherever the battery has died, a qualified professional will recharge your battery and have you continue your journey within minutes.
  • Emergency delivery of petrol/diesel: Where you have run out of fuel at some distance from a filling station and wherever it is safe to do so, a delivery sufficient to get you to the nearest filling station is available - it should be noted that the cardholder is responsible for the payment of the fuel.
  • Tire change: Where tire is flat and that there is a legal inflated spare tire available.
  • Lock-out service: If the vehicle is stuck in snow, mud, or in a ditch, it will be winched and towed.
  • Mechanical breakdown: In the event of this happening, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest authorized qualified repair facility near where the breakdown occurred.

Responsibilities of Cardholder

The cardholder is responsible for the reporting of any loss or damage to a vehicle to their own motor insurance company and is also solely responsible for any charges relating to parts and labour of the cardholders vehicle.

So the next time that you suffer a mishap when out on the road, should it be a either a dead battery, flat tire, or even if you merely run out of fuel, remember that if you have a Mastercard, then you are entitled to take advantage of the roadside assistance benefits which are offered.