Financial Calculators: Rent or Buy

When the topic of accommodation crosses ones mind, the first major decision that a person or a family has to take is in regards to whether or not they should rent or buy a property. Many people tend to base their decisions on social perceptions or small calculations that they work out on a calculator. Due to the complexity of the financial market, there are a large number of variables that need to be considered before one can make an informed decision. Trying to work on these calculations with a pen, paper and calculator can prove to be quite difficult. The expected approach that most people tend to adopt of visiting a financial advisor is also avoided due to the large costs that are associated with it.

This is the main reason why the Rent or Buy Calculator has been rated as one of the most priceless financial tools that is currently available on the Internet. All this calculator does is, it simply helps you make an informed decision as to whether buying or renting would be the best option. All you are required to do is simply enter in your own information. The information required would include things like your income, expected rent amount, possible rent increase in percentage, house value, mortgage interest, etc. This is laid out in a simple four-step approach. At the end of it all, the calculator will simply present you with an explanation as to whether you should buy or rent based on your individual circumstances.

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