Protection When Shopping (AMEX Benefits)

When shopping without using an American Express Card, a buyer does not have any access to protection plans that could make the experience more pleasant and less stressful. However, when using this type of credit card, many benefits can be received, even if you pay the card off at the end of every month.

American Express offers several benefits that provide protection to buyers. This protection can be used while shopping in stores or online. Some of the best benefits they offer are the coverage for purchased items that become lost or stolen, ability to return unwanted items regardless of the store's policy, and extended warranties for up to a year on top of the manufacturer's warranty.

Damage And Theft Protection

When you make an eligible purchase using your American Express card, that item will be covered for theft or damage for a certain amount of days. This means, if the item is stolen or damaged accidentally within the timeframe of your purchase, American Express will cover the cost of the item up to a certain amount per occurrence. There is a maximum benefit amount allowed in one year for each account. This coverage allows you much greater protection than the store would offer. It helps customers to feel secure and confident in making purchases when using their American Express card.

Ability to Return an Unwanted Item

If you make a purchase and decide you don't want it, or it doesn't work the way you hoped it would, but the store is refusing to accept the return, you still have a recourse, as long as you used your American Express card for the entire purchase. American Express will actually refund the money you spent, up to a certain amount per item. There is a maximum coverage per year, per account for this protection. But, it really helps customers who sometimes suffer from buyer's remorse to get refunds on those items.

Extended Warranties

Some purchases come with warranties from the manufacturer. The stores will typically try to up sell you extended warranties at a ridiculous cost. If you have an eligible American Express card, you can confidently turn down those high priced extended warranties. Your AMEX card will provide an extended warranty that matches the original warranty up to 1 year. So, if the manufacturer gives a warranty of 5 years or less, you can get an additional year from your credit card. If the warranty is less than 1 year, you can double it with the extended warranty you'll receive from the card. The maximum amount you can receive is the amount you charged on your card only, or up to a certain amount. This warranty caps at a set amount per account, per year.

With the many great protections offered to eligible American Express card holders, shopping can become a breeze. Your worries about accidental damage and theft after your purchase will be eased. You'll also feel more confident that you can return items even if the store won't cooperate. The extended warranty offered by American Express also gives peace of mind to buyers who now won't have to pay extra for extended warranties from the retailer.

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