Personalized Card (Discover Benefits)

When you make a purchase at any retailer or merchant store, you can pull the American Flag card out of your wallet and pay for the purchase. The American Flag is just one of the many designs with which you can personalize your card. It gives your card a unique identity and sets the tone for your image.

Card personalization is one of the many benefits available on Discover cards. Other benefits include free online tools to help you manage your finances better, free alerts and updates to monitor account activity, 24/7 travel assistance, online account management, and more.

Make a Statement

With your Discover card you can choose to make a statement about who you are and what you stand for by simply flashing your credit card. To personalize your card is to select a design that can be geared towards caring for the environment, establishing your patriotic identity through the card design, or simply choosing a design that reflects on your business character and achievements. Whatever design you choose, you can change it when you want to. Simply log on to the Discover card website and choose the option you want.

Caring for the Environment

Discover is one of the first credit card companies to address the issues of environment safety and pollution through radical card design. They have introduced the biodegradable credit card that can help protect the environment by causing minimal waste. This card is designed to promote a green lifestyle.

One of its biggest properties is that it breaks down significantly within five years when exposed to landfill conditions. Moreover, it does so without leaving any toxic effect on the environment. As somebody who cares enough to minimize damage caused by plastic to the environment, you can choose this Eco-Friendly design when you personalize your card. It can be one of the best statements of ideals and action working in harmony.

The Benefits of Personalization

When you choose to personalize your card, you do not need to change the account number of your Discover card. If your card is damaged from overuse, you can choose a newer, fresher design that will reflect your personality. If you have authorized users on your card, they can choose their own designs or you could choose to request new card designs for everyone on your account.

The benefits on your card – cash back bonuses, low APRs, grace periods, and even your alerts remain the same. Plus with the Discover card you have the option to choose from over 100 card designs!

Ideal Gifting

Personalizing your card also extends to gift cards that you want to purchase for someone close. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or any other occasion where you want to make your loved ones or friends feel special.

Discover gift cards can be personalized with the receivers name and any message you want to convey. You can choose any dollar denominations from $20 to $500 and like every Discover card, these cards are accepted at merchants and retailers across millions of locations. Picking a gift is easier with Discover cards.

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