Personal Assistance (MasterCard Benefits)

MasterCard offers various personal assistance programs to assist its members in increasing work productivity. MasterCard cardholders are able to leverage online concierge in completing personal errands that would otherwise keep them from focusing on other important tasks. The two major programs offered are concierge service and the MasterCard global service.

Concierge Services

MasterCard's concierge services enable cardholders to exclusively enjoy personal assistance with tasks such as booking event tickets, entertainment planning, making dinner reservations, travel arrangements, location of hard-to-find items, purchase and delivery of goods, and coordination of business related activities such as hospitality and conferences. These services are available 24/7 to offer fast and convenient assistance. Examples of concierge services offered by MasterCard include:


MasterCard offers assistance to frequent travelers who might be too busy to carry out errands such as finding a Eurail Pass, or need to travel to another city for a business trip and at the same time drop by the theatre for a show or may need to know the car rental rates on offer for a trip that they would be taking soon.


Cardholders have the luxury of having last minute dinner reservations handled for them at no extra cost. The service also extends to helping in finding late night fast food joints just in case there is a change in plans with dinner reservations.

Special Events

Assistance is also available for booking special events such as concerts whose tickets are hard to come by or are already sold out. The MasterCard concierge services team will work hard to ensure they get a spot for their clients by using their network of worldwide partners.

Everyday Needs and Shopping

Shopping and delivery of gift packs is another benefit enjoyed by MasterCard cardholders who may wish to do the errand but are far too busy or even finding retail outlets that can deliver to your doorstep once you shop. Other options might include finding directions to popular entertainment venues or public utilities in case one gets lost in a new city.

MasterCard Global Service

The MasterCard Global Service can be accesses by calling 1-800-MC-ASSIST while in the U.S or from Canada. From any other country, the service can be accessed via several Toll free numbers that are provided by either the card issuer or as specified in local directories. The toll free numbers are available in all 50 states in the U.S, in neighboring Canada and over 75 other countries worldwide.

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