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You can apply for the PREMIER Forward MasterCard without fear of being rejected like many other banks. With a checking account and poor credit, you can still be approved for a real line of credit, not a prepaid card. This ensures you have buying power with convenience.

How The Card Works

Unlike other cards, you can get approved for this card without perfect credit. It's an actual credit card with a credit line and a MasterCard, not a prepaid card or a debit card. If you have a checking account and are at least 18 years of age, then you meet the qualifications to apply for the card.

The application is available online and can be completed quickly. Personal information will be required to confirm your age and identity. Your checking account information will also be used to verify that you do have a checking account in your name.

After submitting the application through a secure connection, you will receive a credit response in less than 60 seconds. If you are approved, you then pay a processing fee to open your account and access your line of credit. You have the opportunity to pay the processing fee up front or spread it out over a few payments. Your card will then be mailed to you.

There is an annual fee on the card. This will be charged directly to the card on the anniversary of your card every year. There is also an APR on the account. This annual percentage rate amount will hit your card on a monthly basis if you choose to carry a balance on your account. You can avoid the APR by paying your balance at the end of every billing statement.

Benefits Come Standard

In addition to being approved easily for a credit card, there are other benefits that come with the card. You can take advantage of as many of them as you want and many come standard whether you use them or not.

  • Online account tools
  • Fraud protection
  • Card reported monthly
  • Eligible for credit line increases

For a low monthly fee, you have the opportunity to enroll in online account management. This gives you 24/7 access to your account instead of waiting for a statement to arrive in the mail. Managing debt and money is easier when you can log onto the internet to find out what's going on. Learn about your account balance, past transactions, available credit line and other details are at your convenience, day or not. You can choose to download statements to your computer. You can also pay your bill online.

Fraud protection is an ongoing benefit. Your card will constantly be monitored for fraudulent activity. You are never liable for unauthorized charges. If you ever notice a charge you didn't make, contact customer service immediately.

The card is reported to Consumer Reporting Agencies monthly. Impacting your credit score is easy with this credit card, unlike prepaid and debit cards.

You are also eligible for credit line increases periodically. Your increase limit can be as much as 25% of your total credit line. You will be eligible throughout the year and can be approved automatically for the increases without having to contact customer service.

Get The MasterCard Buying Power

With MasterCard, you have a lot of buying power. It is one of the most accepted credit cards throughout the entire world. You choose where and when you want to make purchases. As long as you have the available credit, your transaction will go through quickly. You can make purchases online, in person and over the phone wherever you go. Whether you go shopping, book travel, visit restaurants or pay at the pump, you can ensure your card is accepted everywhere.

Cash is never a problem, either. You will be issued a PIN number when your card is first set up. You can then use the card and PIN number at any ATM machine around the world. Use it just as you would any debit card. You can get as much cash as you need as long as you have the available credit. You will incur cash advance fees, though it provides you with the cash when you need it.


A line of credit in your wallet is always a good thing. Buy what you want when you need it and make smaller payments over time. Take advantage of online account management and many other features just by being a cardholder of the PREMIER Forward MasterCard.

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