The Perks Of The PayPower Visa Prepaid Card

The PayPower Visa Prepaid Card has a lot of perks. Not only is it safer than cash but it makes it easy to load money onto the card. You can shop anywhere that Visa is accepted without fear of going into debt. Best of all, the application is online and simple to fill out.

How To Load Money

You have an array of options to load money onto the card. You may find it easier to go with direct deposit from your employer or by bringing cash or another form of payment into one of thousands of locations around the country.

With direct deposit, your paycheck can be automatically deposited onto your prepaid Visa. This ensures you get your money fast and don't have to wait in lines to deposit your check at the bank or pay any check cashing fees. The money is in there on payday – and sometimes a day or two before those who still insist on paper checks.

With going into locations, you can bring cash, money orders and checks to have deposited into your account. There are thousands of locations around the country, so you always have a place near you to load money onto the account.

It's important to have a convenient way to load money onto the card as it will help you make more purchases and take care of your financial obligations. You decide how you want to load the money onto the card. When you have more money in the account, you have more buying power everywhere that Visa is accepted.

How To Spend Money

With the Visa logo on your prepaid card, you have the ability to buy what you need at all times. You can use the card at millions of locations around the world. Whether you want to use it to put gas in your car, buy groceries or do anything else, it will be easy for you to do so. The card can be used for online transactions, transactions over the phone as well as in person and at kiosks.

If you ever need cash, you can use the card at ATM machines. You will receive a PIN to help you access funds. At millions of locations nationwide, there are ATMs that you can use – and many with no charge. This allows you to get cash in the event you need it somewhere.

The card can also be used to pay bills. If you need to pay your electric bill, your cable bill, your rent or any other bill, you can do so. This makes it easy to get your bills paid on time without having to write a check or to send payments in the mail. You will have the ability to schedule a bill to be paid online or on the phone for your general convenience – and the ability to save on stamps.

Account Features To Know About

There are many features for you to take advantage of with the prepaid card. This ensures you have the ability to spend as you need and load the money when you need. This is a convenient card to have, regardless of whether you have traditional credit cards or not.

  • Account management tools
  • Fraud protection
  • Low fees
  • Debt free solutions

You have multiple account tools to help you manage your money. There are text and email alerts that can be programmed. This way you can find out when you are closing in on the remaining amount of funds. You can also be told when you have made purchases and such to ensure you never run out of money in your account. You will also be able to manage your money online to set up bills, check your balance and even look up past purchases.

Fraud protection is also included on your account. Cash is not safe – it can be lost or stolen easily. With your money on a Visa card, it is protected against fraud. Whether you use the card at stores or online, your activity is being monitored at all times. If you ever experience a fraudulent charge, you won't be held liable for it. This means you can shop until you drop without fear of what will happen if the card falls into the wrong hands.

There are low fees on the account as well. You will have monthly maintenance fees to content with and that's it. This means that you don't have to worry about any hidden fees. There are no overdraft fees or anything like that. With low fees, it's easy to manage your account and always know how much money you have in your account with any kinds of surprises.

It's important to stay debt free and a prepaid Visa is the way to do it. It will be impossible to get into any kind of debt because there is no APR to contend with. You cannot exceed your credit line and incur any debt because you can only spend the amount that is loaded on the card. If you try to spend more than what's on your card, the transaction will not go through. You can enjoy all the benefits of a credit card without any of the problems. This will teach you financial responsibility so you can be ready for a real credit card when the opportunity arises.

All of the account features make it easy to use the card so you can enjoy the card everywhere you go.


Using a prepaid card has just gotten easier. When you want to be sure you can spend anywhere, a Visa logo is critical. This PayPower Visa Prepaid Card is packed with features and is much safer than cash. Whether you use direct deposit or load the money at a location, you are always in control.

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