Payment Flexibility (AMEX Benefits)

Consumers are always looking for companies that offer flexibility, especially when it comes to credit cards. Customers want to be able to use their cards whenever they need them and also have flexible payment options. American Express has answered their customers’ requests by offering different payment options.

American Express is typically known for being a great card to make large purchases on. But, it's also known commonly as a card that must be paid off monthly. However, some extra features have been added to allow for increased flexibility in payments and customers don't always have to pay off their entire balance at the end of the month.

American Express offers a variety of payment options that allow customers to send payments in whatever form is most convenient for them. The company has also come up with a plan called Select and Pay Later that allows customers to defer a portion of payments.

Payment Options

When it's time to pay the AMEX bill, customers have many options of making that payment. This allows them to find the most convenient method to take some of the hassle out of paying bills. Some of the different payment options include mailing checks, scheduling automatic payments, and paying online.

The standard way to pay is by mailing checks. Many people no longer use this method because they find online bill pay or automatic payments much more convenient. However, a significant portion of the population is still mistrustful of many of the newer forms of payments. They prefer to do things the old fashioned way, writing a check and mailing it to the company. American Express still gladly accepts mailed in payments. They've also allowed other forms of payments to be accepted to meet the varying needs of all of their customers.

Scheduling automatic payments is preferred by some. This option allows a customer to schedule a specific amount for payments and not have to think about it again. The payments will be placed at the given time in the specified amount every month. Customers still have the ability to make changes to the scheduled amount when needed. They can also send in an additional payment if their minimum amount is higher than the scheduled payment for that month. However, if the requested payment is lower than the amount scheduled to be paid, AMEX will only take the requested amount.

Paying online is quickly becoming the most widely preferred method of making payments. AMEX has gladly offered this service for its customers. They simply need to go to the website and schedule the payments. It's very easy and convenient.

Select and Pay Later

Perhaps the feature that offers the most payment flexibility with American Express is the Select and Pay Later plan. They have recognized some of their customers' desire to have a bit more time to pay for certain charges. This plan allows customers to take an eligible charge and make payments over time.

It does not require any enrollment. The plan is available on most American Express Cards. To determine if a charge is eligible, customers can either call in or go online and select that charge for this service. When the new bill is received the customer has the option to pay the minimum payment on that specific charge, or pay it off in full, or anything in between. This allows the most flexibility for customers.

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