Parents and Teens Can Agree On the Camo Prepaid Teen Card

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Teenagers are more independent these days. This can sometimes be a problem for parents who don't mind giving their kids a little freedom but don't want to give them too much money. That's where the Camo Prepaid Teen Card comes in to play.

The Camo Prepaid Teen Card is a reloadable prepaid teen debit card that allows parents and teens to agree on the amount of freedom young people should have when it comes to spending. Teenagers want to be able to go shopping without their parents watching over their shoulder. Of course, parents also want to be able to monitor how much their kids spend. This is how the Camo Prepaid Teen Card can help.

How It Works

The Camo Prepaid Teen Card works just like a regular credit card; or rather, it works much like a debit card that is accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. It is available from "" which aims to provide smart ways for families to spend. When you fill out the online application, you can be approved for an account that allows you to put your teens name on the card (along with yours) so that they can use it at retailers all over the United States.

Anyone can load the card so it also provides a great way to give gifts. This makes the Camo Prepaid Teen Card ideal for everything from birthdays to graduations. It’s safer than cash and charges lower fees than other bank cards.

The Application

The application process is very simple. Simply log in online and enter the necessary information and you could be quickly on your way to awarding your teenager with a little taste of financial freedom. The application will ask for:

  • The name of the parents
  • The home address / billing address of the parents
  • The email address of the parents
  • The phone number of the parents
  • The birth date of the parents
  • The social security number of the parents

As you might have gathered, this is the standard information for approving a credit card. However, the Camo Prepaid Teen Card will also ask for some of the information regarding the teen who will receive the card:

  • The teen's name
  • Their email address
  • Their mobile number (if applicable)
  • Their birthdate
  • Their relationship to the parent (or applicant)

The Benefits

As a prepaid MasterCard debit card, you might think that the Camo Prepaid Teen Card doesn't offer too many extra benefits, but you’d be only partially correct. While the prepaid aspect of the card certainly limits some of the activities it can perform, it is still better than some credit cards and some debit cards.

  • If Camouflage isn't the design you prefer, you can choose from ten other eye-catching designs
  • There are no credit checks
  • There are no credit risks
  • The card is easy to lock (and unlock)
  • The fees are lower than bank cards

The Fees

Now, just because the Camo Card has lower fees than most bank cards does not mean it is completely devoid of them. However, when you take a look at you will pay with this card versus the standard bank debit cards, it should be easy to see which one is better. This card, for lacks these fees that most cards usually charge:

  • One-time activation / startup fee
  • Overdraft fee
  • Signature purchase fee
  • PIN-based purchase fee

The Camo Prepaid credit card charges the following fees at a much lower rate than traditional bank cards:

  • Monthly membership fee
  • ACH load funds fee
  • ATM balance inquiry fee
  • ATM withdrawal fee

If you look carefully, there is a small fee to check balances at the teller machine. However, if you want to save yourself a couple of bucks a month you can check your balance and monitor spending via e-mail and text alerts for free. With this option, your teen can't spend more than allowed by the card limit and you are able to make sure that they are spending their money responsibly.

Final Word

The Camo Prepaid Teen Card is a safe, secure, convenient way to give money to the upwardly mobile teen in your life. Anyone can make a deposit into the account and the teenager can use it anywhere that accepts debit MasterCard.

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