Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

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FTC Warns of Prepaid Card Scams

There’s yet another way scammers are looking to assist you in parting ways with your money. This time, it involves prepaid debit cards. The FTC lays out new rules and needs your comments.

New Service Detects Child Identity Theft

April 23, 2013

Child identity theft is on the rise. One company is now offering a free service for parents to protect their little ones.

Equifax Violates FCRA, Fined

March 19, 2013

Equifax continues to violate U.S. financial laws, this time, compromising consumer privacy. Here’s what the FCC found.

National Consumer Protection Week

March 5, 2013

It’s the 15th Annual National Consumer Protection Week. Here’s where to find resources for credit cards, banks and other financial products.

Loan Modification Scam Prevention Resources

February 28, 2013

Scammers are everywhere, waiting to steal your identity, credit cards and cash.

Why Job Seekers Should Care About FTC Changes

February 12, 2013

There are big changes in federal laws that will determine whether or not millions are offered jobs – and it’s all based on how well they maintain their credit card payments and mortgage payments.

FTC Looking Into Possible Visa Violations

November 19, 2012

Did Visa violate the Durbin Amendment? This is the one most controversial aspect of the Dodd Frank financial reform laws.

Equifax Settles FTC Claims

October 17, 2012

Credit reporting company Equifax was ordered this week to pay fines over accusations that it was selling data on delinquent homeowners to third parties.

FTC: Prepaid Card Scam Targets Immigrants

July 18, 2012

Another scam is making the rounds, this time targeting immigrants and their use of prepaid calling cards.