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13 States Cut Medicaid, Consumers to Pay with Credit Cards?

July 25, 2012

As the new healthcare law continues to be hashed out, some states are already making cuts. Will consumers be forced to pay their medical expenses with their Visas or MasterCards?

Treasury Department Scandal

July 17, 2012

Another government sex scandal is being swept under the rug. It could be because taxpayer dollars, in the form of a government credit card, was used by a Treasury Department employee to hire prostitutes.

Stupid Money Decisions: Proactive vs. Reactive

July 9, 2012

Every generation has its events that bond the human race. These days, everyone can relate to another’s financial plights. Still, there are things no one should be doing in “panic mode” when it comes to their finances .

A Look Back: 2011 and Credit Sector

July 6, 2012

The movers and shakers in the financial sector were keeping the media busy last year. How much has changed and what about the scandals?

Unemployment to Remain High?

July 5, 2012

Is it possible the 8%+ unemployment rate can persist for several more years and which presidential candidate is best equipped to solve these problems?

AMEX to Begin Issuing Secure Chip Cards

July 2, 2012

American Express announced last week it would begin issuing new technology that equates to safer secure chip cards. The challenge now is getting merchants on board.

Dozens Arrested in Financial Cybercrime Crackdown

June 27, 2012

Dozens arrested in international crime spree that included credit card and identity theft, among others.

Is Cash Out?

June 15, 2012

These days, it’s all about debit or credit cards, smartphones and other currency these days, according to a new Rasmussen Report. In fact, two in five adults have gone without cash in their pockets for weeks.

New Mandatory Arbitration Guidelines?

May 30, 2012

For decades, companies have worked double time to keep consumers from suing and instead, entering into arbitration.

Citigroup Sued Over CDO Losses

May 25, 2012

Citigroup is now on the wrong end of a lawsuit filed by Woori Bank. In it, the goal is to recover losses from the Seoul-based lender’s $95 million investment in debt obligations.