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Friday, May 29th, 2020

Finance, Banking & Credit Card News

Bank of America Postpones Fee Increase, Debuts V.Me

by Jon Dell

It’s a good time to be a Bank of America customer; it’s likely not going to raise fees for the next year and it’s also just added the new and already popular V.me Visa program to its offerings.

Which Credit Card CEO Made Fortune 500 List?

by Evita Page

The Fortune 500 list has one credit card CEO in the top it. It’s MasterCard’s President and CEO Ajay Banga.

What CFPB Hasn’t Done

by Antonio Bard

We hear alot about CFPB – but there’s a lot the consumer watchdog group hasn’t done.

Financial Game Plan for 2013

by Evita Page

As you’re gearing up for tax season, use the opportunity to make a budget for the new year. Save on credit card interest and avoid late payments.

Kids Get Raises, Too

by Beth May

Do your children get an allowance? Do they have chores to earn it or is it simply “allowed”? Here’s what the new numbers reveal about kids and cash.

What Are Parent PLUS Loans?

by CreditCardsLab

Be careful if you’re considering the Parent PLUS government student loan product. It’s a tough avenue to take and can haunt you forever.

FTC Looking Into Possible Visa Violations

by Evita Page

Did Visa violate the Durbin Amendment? This is the one most controversial aspect of the Dodd Frank financial reform laws.

Black Friday and Wal Mart Strike?

by Jon Dell

If workers strike on Black Friday, Wal Mart could face a lot of problems for both online shopping and in its stores.

Fiscal Cliff Just One Unfinished Reform

by Beth May

The fiscal cliff is front and center on the evening news, but there’s more financial legislation at risk, too.

Financial Resources for Veterans

by Beth May

Here are a few programs designed just for our military and veterans. JPMorgan Chase offers many opportunities and programs.

Romney: You’re On Your Own

by Jon Dell

Many Romney aides got a rude awakening when they tried to use campaign credit cards to pay final bills and cab fares.

What Obama Re-Election Means for Banks

by Antonio Bard

Dodd Frank, CFPB, an Obama second term – all of these dynamics are important to both Wall Street and bankers. Here’s what the election results mean to them.