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Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Finance, Banking & Credit Card News

Why Job Seekers Should Care About FTC Changes

by Antonio Bard

There are big changes in federal laws that will determine whether or not millions are offered jobs – and it’s all based on how well they maintain their credit card payments and mortgage payments.

Testimony on Rubio and American Express Misuse

by Beth May

Marco Rubio was accused two years ago of misusing an American Express issued to the Republican party. It’s come back to haunt him.

ING Direct: Just Call Us Capital One 360

by Beth May

For ING Direct’s one million customers, there’s a new player in the game and it’s a familiar credit card name: Capital One

Tax Season Officially Kicks Off

by Jon Dell

The IRS is ready for your tax returns. The deadline is still April 15, but free filing opportunities make it easy.

BoA Small Business Lending Program

by Antonio Bard

Bank of America has met its challenge to bring aboard 1,000 small business bankers. The goal is to provide resources and financial tools to the nation’s small business owners.

Do You Really Need to ‘Humanize’ Your Finances?

by Jon Dell

Heard of Simple? You will. It’s a new platform that really brings financial management to the forefront. It’s easy, though detailed, modern but still a breeze to incorporate into your financial tool box.

American Express Serve Prepaid Card

by Evita Page

The Amex Serve prepaid card has a lot of reasons why it should be a strong contender for your business. Here are a few of those reasons.

Contradictory Personal Finance News

by Antonio Bard

It’s not until you explore the numbers that the picture emerges on two personal finance reports that are seemingly different. It becomes clear the message is the same in both, though.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Rapid Rescoring

by Beth May

Rapid rescoring is a tool mortgage brokers use to help consumers qualify for a home loan. It can’t be used, though, for credit card or student loan approvals.

Received Social Security? You Need Bank Account or Debit Card

by Jon Dell

The government has reminded benefits recipients of a looming March 1 deadline for transitioning to electronic payment options, like prepaid debit cards.

Citi Announces New Co-Presidents, Other Changes

by Antonio Bard

CitiBank is working from a proactive stance these days, including shifting its management team around. CEO Michael Corbat says it’s only going to strengthen the big bank.

New Financial Rules for New Year

by Beth May

New year and time for new financial habits, including checking your credit scores and negotiating with your credit card company.