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Friday, May 29th, 2020

Finance, Banking & Credit Card News

San Bernardino, Calif Files for Bankruptcy

by Evita Page

The third California city to file bankruptcy in the past two weeks is San Bernardino. It has no money for payroll and says if it doesn’t file, the city could, in essence, shut down.

Shortfalls & Suicide Attempts: Peregrine Financial

by Beth May

Peregrine Financial Group is front and center and is now being investigated and there are several investors who aren’t mincing their words. The CEO attempted suicide this week, which only adds to the mystery.

Medical Marijuana – Leave Credit Card at Home

by Antonio Bard

For those who rely on medical marijuana, a new push to not use your credit card means you’ll now pay cash.

Stupid Money Decisions: Proactive vs. Reactive

by Jon Dell

Every generation has its events that bond the human race. These days, everyone can relate to another’s financial plights. Still, there are things no one should be doing in “panic mode” when it comes to their finances .

A Look Back: 2011 and Credit Sector

by Evita Page

The movers and shakers in the financial sector were keeping the media busy last year. How much has changed and what about the scandals?

Unemployment to Remain High?

by Beth May

Is it possible the 8%+ unemployment rate can persist for several more years and which presidential candidate is best equipped to solve these problems?

Banks and Their Ulterior Motives

by Evita Page

Are banks doing their part to keep a division among low income customers and those with multiple high yield accounts that keep them as preferred customers?

Retiring at 65? Think Again

by Antonio Bard

Sometimes even the most cautious planning isn’t good enough, as many would-be retirees are realizing they’re going to have to work longer.

AMEX to Begin Issuing Secure Chip Cards

by CreditCardsLab

American Express announced last week it would begin issuing new technology that equates to safer secure chip cards. The challenge now is getting merchants on board.

Another Madoff Pleads Guilty

by Jon Dell

Peter Madoff will soon get an up close and personal look into his brother’s new daily routine as he’s sentenced for stealing from invstors.

Dozens Arrested in Financial Cybercrime Crackdown

by Antonio Bard

Dozens arrested in international crime spree that included credit card and identity theft, among others.

Want to Close Your Checking Account? Pay Up

by Beth May

Congress has been asked to look into fees banks are charging to close consumers bank accounts.