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Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Finance, Banking & Credit Card News

Grab Your Rosary Beads, Mr. Romney

by Antonio Bard

Will presidential hopeful Mitt Romney accept an invitation from a group of nuns to see firsthand how Americans are struggling? Job losses, no financial resources and poverty is what these faithful women see on a daily basis.

Campaign Finance Reform

by Jon Dell

We’re but 80 +/- days from the 2012 presidential election and if you’re like many Americans, the bickering, pettiness and downright childlike behavior some politicians are exhibiting are really beginning to take a toll on your nerves. We couldn’t agree more.

Small Business Must-Know Credit Terms

by Beth May

Ask any small business owner what they knew about the nuances in the language their bankers spoke or their credit card terms and conditions verbiage and odds are, they’ll say it was overwhelming. Here are a few of those terms.

So Just What Kind of Credit Scores Do You Need?

by Evita Page

What kind of credit score would qualify you for the Visa Black card or the American Express Gold Card? Here’s the low down on credit scores.

Starbucks Partners with Mobile Payment Leader Square

by Antonio Bard

This fall, you’ll be able to pay for your favorite Starbucks coffee with technology offered by Square, Inc. And soon, you won’t even have to swipe your credit card, but rather, speak your name.

Amazon, Apple Fix Vulnerabilities

by Beth May

Two big problems surfaced for both Apple and Amazon last week when hackers were able to change a customer’s information that could have emptied his bank account. Instead, they opted to empty his digital cloud.

What Really Happened in the 2008 Financial Crisis?

by Antonio Bard

Rogue bankers, subprime mortgages and a series of events perfectly timed for disaster – these are all part of the reason for the recent recession, dubbed the worse since the Great Depression.

Credit Card Debt Grows for College Students

by Evita Page

Despite 2009 CARD Act, college students are still facing overwhelming credit card debt. Here are new guidelines for parents.

Bank of America, Fannie Mae Talk Bad Mortgages

by Beth May

Bank of America feels as though it shouldn’t shoulder bad mortgages, even as other banks have. Fannie Mae continues to insist it’s BoA’s responsibility.

In an Election Year, CARD Act Crucial

by CreditCardsLab

In a tough election year, many are wondering why the president isn’t touting the massive overhaul and the introduction of the successful CFPB in his campaign.

Your Credit Scoring Questions Answered

by Jon Dell

Not sure how your credit scores are calculated or why you’re approved for one loan but declined for another? Here are some answers to those tough questions.

The Little Bank That Could: Suing 16 Global Banks

by Evita Page

In the first of what’s sure to be a record number of lawsuits, a small New York bank is leading the charge in class action lawsuits pertaining to the LIBOR scandal.