Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

June 2013 News Archive

PayPal in Outer Space?

Ready for a bit of “spacey” news? PayPal is preparing to take its business to outer space. But what exactly can one buy or sell off the face of the earth?

Money, Men, Women and Work

by Jon Dell

Men are choosing to stand in line for disability instead of lines for a job. Are the reasons justified and should women not feel guilty about making the money that pays the Visa bill each month?

How Banks & Credit Card Companies Verify Identity Online

by Beth May

It’s fascinating to realize every time we apply for a credit card or bank account online, the technology provides for answers within seconds. Ever wonder how they do that?

Emergency Savings by the Numbers

by Jon Dell

Contradicting reports suggest we either are or aren’t building our emergency savings. We may or may not be financially savvy, either.