Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

May 2013 News Archive

Wells Fargo Home Rebate Card Rewards Program

Is Wells Fargo trying to offset some of the bad publicity it’s received in recent months? It just announced a milestone with its rewards credit card for mortgage holders.

FTC Warns of Prepaid Card Scams

by CreditCardsLab

There’s yet another way scammers are looking to assist you in parting ways with your money. This time, it involves prepaid debit cards. The FTC lays out new rules and needs your comments.

Feds Rolling in the Student Loan Profits

by Antonio Bard

Millions of families are buckling under massive credit card debt and student loan debt. So why is the government raking in billions in profits from that misery?

IFR: Problems Grow, Lawsuit Next?

by Jon Dell

The disorganized and embarrassing known as IFR continues to fall apart as Rust Consulting admits to sending wrong checks out this week.

Visa and MasterCard Bolstered by Consumer Spending

by Beth May

Visa and MasterCard offer up a mixed bag of profits and updates. Swipe fee lawsuits and technology play a role, too.