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April 2013 News Archive

The Role Your Bank Plays in Protecting Your Finances

It’s frustrating, but your bank may be trying to help you by declining some credit card charges. Here’s what to do to make it easier.

Barclays Shareholders Think Ethics, Bonuses

by Beth May

Barclays continues its efforts of trying to repair its image. Can CEO Antony Jenkins pull it off?

New Service Detects Child Identity Theft

by Jon Dell

Child identity theft is on the rise. One company is now offering a free service for parents to protect their little ones.

Yes, Better Credit Card Terms are Possible

by Evita Page

You can negotiate better interest rates on your credit cards. Know what you’re talking about before you make the call.

Why Did Schnucks Hide Massive Breach?

by Antonio Bard

Schnucks Supermarket knew about a massive credit card breach at its stores but it still continued accepting debit and credit cards from its customers instead of putting protective mechanisms in place.

FHA Needs $943 Million

by Jon Dell

It’s good economics: the close to $1 billion in taxpayer funds that will be required to save FHA could be pulled from the $17 billion profit Fannie Mae reported last year.

Guess Who Else Has Shopping Addictions?

by Jon Dell

Both men and women have shopping addictions; in fact, it’s about half and half according to statistics. What to look for and why it’s not as simple as many believe.

Majority Agree: Big Banks are Too Big

by Beth May

A new survey reveals just how distrustful we’ve become when it comes to our financial institutions, specifically, the nation’s banks. We agree they’re still “too big to fail”

Problems Continue for SAC, Senior Employees

by Antonio Bard

Things continue to worsen for SAC Capital Advisors as Michael Steinberg was greeted by the FBI and handcuffs when he answered his door last week.