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March 2013 News Archive

3 Money Trends That May Affect You

The recession has resulted in new credit scoring models and borrowing options.

Court Sides with Miss. Bank

by Antonio Bard

After several years and legal appeals, a Mississippi bank has won a court case that includes a ruling that it doesn’t have to cover a $440,000 loss due to wire fraud.

Did Wells Fargo Kill Disabled Navy Veteran?

by Jon Dell

A retired military veteran played by the rules and was still foreclosed on by Wells Fargo, even after the bank admitted the error was its own.

Equifax Violates FCRA, Fined

by Antonio Bard

Equifax continues to violate U.S. financial laws, this time, compromising consumer privacy. Here’s what the FCC found.

AMEX CEO Chenault Receives Record Salary

by Antonio Bard

Should Chenault be given a record breaking salary and bonus package despite the unethical business practices American Express has been found guilty of?

Does the Pope Have a Credit Card?

by Jon Dell

Does the Pope have a credit card? How about bank accounts? As we ready to hear who will be named Pope, we explore these questions.

Good Payment Practices? Bank of America Rewards You

by Evita Page

Bank of America has a new credit card offer, but with all of its bad publicity, is $100 a year for on time payments enough to turn the tide?

National Consumer Protection Week

by Evita Page

It’s the 15th Annual National Consumer Protection Week. Here’s where to find resources for credit cards, banks and other financial products.