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February 2013 News Archive

Loan Modification Scam Prevention Resources

Scammers are everywhere, waiting to steal your identity, credit cards and cash.

What Credit Card Companies Know, but Don’t Want You to Know

by Antonio Bard

Financial institutions are considering new ways of determining whether you or I are creditworthy. But they’re not keen on letting us in on those new efforts.

Your Credit Scores Used by Insurance Companies

by Beth May

That late credit card payment could cost you more than a late charge and higher credit card APR, it could be the reason you can’t get insurance.

Komen, BoA Partnership at Risk?

by Jon Dell

Arvest Bank bought 29 branches of Bank of America in several states. What does this mean for BoA partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

Protecting Yourself from Credit Discrimination

by Beth May

CFPB reports credit discrimination is not uncommon. Here’s what to look for.

Why Job Seekers Should Care About FTC Changes

by Antonio Bard

There are big changes in federal laws that will determine whether or not millions are offered jobs – and it’s all based on how well they maintain their credit card payments and mortgage payments.

Testimony on Rubio and American Express Misuse

by Beth May

Marco Rubio was accused two years ago of misusing an American Express issued to the Republican party. It’s come back to haunt him.

ING Direct: Just Call Us Capital One 360

by Beth May

For ING Direct’s one million customers, there’s a new player in the game and it’s a familiar credit card name: Capital One