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September 2012 News Archive

What your Credit Report Doesn’t Show

Despite the enormous amount of information that shows in your credit report, there’s a lot more that doesn’t, such as your employment history.

Reexamining Prepaid Cards

by Evita Page

The recent boost in prepaid card popularity somehow slipped under the radar of some consumers as well as industry experts alike. They are so popular, in fact, that some people prefer them over traditional checking accounts!

Ouch: The 7 Year Car Loan

by Beth May

More car loans are being financed for a staggering 7 years. Is it too much and is the irony lost that most marriages don’t even last that long?

Groupon Wants To Innovate Credit Card Payments

by Jon Dell

Groupon, the world’s largest and most beloved online daily deals program announced, recently, that they are launching a new credit card program. This program sounds like a great idea, but has stiff competition from PayPal and Square.

Revisions in 2009 CARD Act

by Beth May

A poorly-worded clause in the 2009 CARD Act would eliminate problems securing a credit card by stay at home parents and possible domestic abuse victims.

Unemployment Applications Down But Not Enough

by Beth May

More jobs added to employment rosters, but not nearly enough to affect the economy or unemployment rates.

Recovering From and Avoiding Big Summer Debt

by Antonio Bard

As the summer travel season comes to a close many have to prepare their fall finances to pay for their vernal excursions. Here are a few tips for dealing with summer debt.

What Does QE3 Mean for You?

by Antonio Bard

The Fed continues to enjoy the kudos being heaped upon Chairman Ben Bernanke. The only problem is, no one’s mentioned much about what happens to Mr. Everyday Consumer.

How To Ignore Your “Inner Spender” And Stay On Top of Your Credit

by Evita Page

Many people struggle with debt simply because of impulse control. Getting out of debt and maintaining financial responsibility, then, is a matter of keeping a strong and healthy financial mindset.

1/3 of Americans Report They Are “Lower Class”

by Jon Dell

A full one-third of Americans say they’re living in a lower class from a financial perspective than they were four years ago as debates roll on about whether we’re in a recession or not.

Small Businesses Still Have Credit Woes

by Beth May

The economy has been especially difficult for small business owners around the nation. Now, new legislation could ease some of those burdens for owners.

Understanding The Benefits of Your Credit Card’s Purchase Protection Plan

by Evita Page

Many credit cards offer purchase protection as a standard benefit but if you want to take full advantage of it, make sure that you understand how it works and what it covers.