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July 2012 News Archive

The Little Bank That Could: Suing 16 Global Banks

In the first of what’s sure to be a record number of lawsuits, a small New York bank is leading the charge in class action lawsuits pertaining to the LIBOR scandal.

Credit Scores Determine Insurance Premiums

by Beth May

Insurance companies use intricate formulas to determine an applicant’s monthly premium, just as banks and credit card companies do when they’re deciding who’s approved and who’s declined.

More Citigroup Backlash

by Antonio Bard

Sandy Weill no longer believes his decision to repeal Glass Steagall was the right one; now, Gary Kaminsky insists he knows where the bodies are buried.

Strange Bedfellows: Octomom and Financial Adviser?

by Jon Dell

Nadya Suleman wants you to trust her with your financial decisions, via a new payday loan company, despite the fact she struggles financially and barely makes ends meet.

13 States Cut Medicaid, Consumers to Pay with Credit Cards?

by Evita Page

As the new healthcare law continues to be hashed out, some states are already making cuts. Will consumers be forced to pay their medical expenses with their Visas or MasterCards?

Arbitration Clauses: No Consumer Safeguard

by Beth May

Many lawyers say arbitration agreements don’t benefit consumers and leaves them with few options over credit card or other disputes.

Problems Mount for College Students

by Antonio Bard

CFPB is reporting aggressive lenders who are profiting from inexperienced college students looking for financing options are on the rise.

Mom, Dad and Your Finances

by Jon Dell

It’s not likely there’s more than a handful of folks who don’t have some outstanding “loan” with Mom and Dad – whether it’s that advance we got on our allowances twenty years ago or the mortgage their holding as a …

The Cost of Pay Day Loans

by Beth May

Before you opt for a payday loan over a credit card cash advance, you should know the fees could be massive if you continue to renew it.

FTC: Prepaid Card Scam Targets Immigrants

by Evita Page

Another scam is making the rounds, this time targeting immigrants and their use of prepaid calling cards.

Treasury Department Scandal

by Antonio Bard

Another government sex scandal is being swept under the rug. It could be because taxpayer dollars, in the form of a government credit card, was used by a Treasury Department employee to hire prostitutes.

New FICO Mortgage Scoring Matrix

by Jon Dell

In recent days, an announcement was made by FICO. It’s teamed with CoreLogic for a new scoring program for would-be homeowners.