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June 2012 News Archive

Another Madoff Pleads Guilty

Peter Madoff will soon get an up close and personal look into his brother’s new daily routine as he’s sentenced for stealing from invstors.

Dozens Arrested in Financial Cybercrime Crackdown

by Antonio Bard

Dozens arrested in international crime spree that included credit card and identity theft, among others.

Want to Close Your Checking Account? Pay Up

by Beth May

Congress has been asked to look into fees banks are charging to close consumers bank accounts.

Dimon on Capitol Hill Again

by Evita Page

Jamie Dimon faced Capitol Hill again. Things heated up before he even made his late arrival. Many are saying he was handled with kid gloves.

FDIC Investigating Banks Offering Payday Loans

by CreditCardsLab

Payday loan companies are known for outrageous interest rates; now, banks are hoping to cash in by offering customers similar products.

New CFPB Complaint Database Applauded

by Jon Dell

So far, the CFPB credit card complaint database is being hailed as the first real step towards financial transparency. It’s expected mortgages and student loans are next on the agency’s radar.

Is Cash Out?

by Evita Page

These days, it’s all about debit or credit cards, smartphones and other currency these days, according to a new Rasmussen Report. In fact, two in five adults have gone without cash in their pockets for weeks.

Dow Loses 2012 Gain on Jobs as Stocks Fall

by Beth May

The Dow has lost all its 2012 gains. This is the fourth time in five weeks that the Dow has suffered big losses. Europe’s financial crisis is front and center.

Is Moodys Ready to Strike With Downgrades?

by Antonio Bard

It appears Moody’s may be prepared to move forward with its downgrading efforts of many global banks, including some in the U.S. The question is – which U.S. banks are in the crosshairs?

New Concerns Over 2013 Recession

by Jon Dell

Is the U.S. headed for a recession in 2013? If so, what must be done to prevent a repeat of recent years?

Calls for Probe of Ally Pre-Bankruptcy Deals

by Beth May

Are demands for ResCap documents “need to know” or is there more at play, such as fears that the smallest mistake could jeopardize the efforts?

Credit Card Interest Rates Unchanged

by Evita Page

Credit card offers aren’t as plentiful as they were just a few months ago and the interest rates haven’t moved, either. Consumers aren’t spending as much and when they do, more are reaching for cash.