Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

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One Last Fiscal Cliff Look for 2012

Last day of the year and one last look at fiscal cliff while we’re still a few hours on this side of it. Recession has been guaranteed if lawmakers can’t find solution and interest rates will rise and tax breaks expire.

Celebrity Credit Card Mishaps

by Evita Page

Celebrities have financial problems like the rest of us. Britney Spears and Terrence Howard are two of the latest ones dealing with credit card mishaps.

Despite High Hopes, US Holiday Retail Sales Weak

by Beth May

Those holding out hopes that the holiday season would boost the economy are disappointed with the less than one percent retail sales growth.

Wall Street 2012: A Look Back

by Antonio Bard

In a word, “unpredictable” is best used to describe the year on Wall Street. Here’s how the money movers made it happen.

Recognizing Overspending

by Jon Dell

Take a deep breath and remove the blinders. It’s time to come clean with yourself over your spending habits and credit card balances.

Morgan Stanley Hit With $5M Fine

by Antonio Bard

Morgan Stanley is facing its second massive fine this year. This time, the Facebook IPO brouhaha is cited as the reason for the $5 million fine.

How Southwest Policies Affect Your Credit Card

by Evita Page

Southwest Airlines had busy day this past Friday with announcements concerning drink vouchers and failure to cancel fees.

Madoff Brother Faces 10 Years

by Antonio Bard

As his older brother, Bernard, spends 150 years in prison, Peter Madoff is looking at 10 years.

Your New Year’s Financial Resolutions

by Jon Dell

Don’t ring in the new year until you check out our financial resolutions, including paying down credit card debt and finally making a budget you can stick to.

More Reasons it Pays to Check Your Credit Card Statements

by Beth May

There are at least five common methods used to drain unsuspecting credit card users. Here’s what to look for.

How’s This for a Tax Shelter?

by Antonio Bard

Should Amazon be allowed to bypass American tax laws by setting up an existence in a small country?

AIG Names New CEO, Announces Final Securities Brokerage Buy

by Antonio Bard

New faces, new acquisitions and new banking dynamics are the common themes at Bank of America as we prepare to ring out 2012.