Chase Freedom MasterCard Offers $100 Cash Bonus

Chase credit cards are known for their generous perks and benefits – and now, the Chase Freedom MasterCard is offering not only a $100 cash back bonus, but an intro rate of 0%. This is impressive, especially since it would appear some credit card offers have become slightly stagnant. This week, we review the Chase Freedom – both the benefits and the approval requirements.

Here are the details –


Spend just $500 during your first three months of membership and you’ll earn $100 cash back. You’ll enjoy a 0% intro rate for both purchases and balance transfers. The best part of this is that it lasts fifteen months. There’s a 5% cash back bonus, too, when you spend $1,500 at hotels and some retailers, including, Kohl’s and Best Buy. Not only that, but your purchases for airline tickets (when you buy directly from the airline) are applicable, as well.

In one of more popular newer perks some credit card companies are offering, the Chase Freedom has 5% categories. These rotate every ninety days and at different times during the year, you’ll enjoy 5% cash back on things like hotels, retailers, airlines, gas, restaurants and even supermarkets. It’s a free program, but you have to enroll and activate your bonuses every quarter. There’s 1% cash back on all of your other purchases and an impressive 10% cash back when you take advantage of the Chase merchants at

One of the big selling points these days for consumers are low annual fees and assurances that their rewards points never expire. With the Chase Freedom MasterCard, not only will your points never expire, but you don’t pay an annual fee, either. With no shortage of options in terms of payments, due dates and opportunities to earn cash rebates, this is likely going to be the credit card you reach for time and again.

New Website

Chase also unveiled a new, crisper website for its customers. We’ve test drove it – and it’s a much easier site to navigate, sharper fonts (and slightly bigger). What we like best, though, is as soon as the page loads, you immediately see the log in prompts – and if you’ve visited any site recently that requires a sign in, you probably have felt the growing frustration of having to scroll down, look to the left or right and maybe even scroll back up – just to log into your account information. Not so with the new Chase site. Plus, the menus are slightly larger and strategically placed where our eyes automatically focus – again, this might not seem like a big deal, but with more of us online and for longer periods of time these days, any little convenience feels like a win.

Also, there’s a new Chase app that the credit card company unveiled recently. Again, we test drove it – and we feel like it’s one of the better financial apps out there. Transferring money to other Chase accounts – yours or someone else’s – is a breeze. The bill pay option is streamlined and quick, too. Chase Quick Deposit even lets you deposit checks from your smartphone. The new app works with Androids – BlackBerry, etc, iPhone, Kindle and iPad. Online banking has never been more convenient. Download it from the most convenience place for you –, your smartphone or Amazon or other app stores.

New Features

Finally, a few of the newer features include Chase Text Banking. This allows you to text your request to Chase. For instance, if you want to check your checking account balance, you’d simply type “bal” plus which account you’re referring to (you set this up once on the website). You can check your credit card balance, available credit and a host of other convenient tasks are easily accomplished via Chase Text. The Chase EPay allows you to text money to friends or family at no additional cost. You can also text money to their Chase account.

These are just a few of the many features that are part of the new Chase offering. Explore them – and be sure to consider the credit card offer. The common message in these new features and updated card offers is that Chase is recommitting to its technological offerings – and it would appear those efforts are more than serving their purpose. Chase has always had solid credit card offers, and this one is no exception.

If it’s a full-service credit card with great perks and benefits, an easy to navigate website, plenty of features for technology on the move, the Chase Freedom MasterCard just might be the credit card you’ve been waiting for. A good credit score gets you approved and responsible credit management ensures you enjoy the great APR rates for years to come. Be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions so that you know what you’re signing up for.

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