Celebrity Credit Card Mishaps

Ah, our celebrities. We rely on them to remind us our lives are, well, normal. We count on their bizarre antics to remind us to hug our own mothers more often and to thank our lucky stars that our days of singing in front of the mirror, complete with the requisite hairbrush-turned-microphone never went any further than childhood silliness. And when we hear stories of their less than good fortune, well, then we’re reminded they’re just as human as we are and they’re just as prone to hitting the occasional credit mishap as anyone else. Two stories in today’s news are perfect examples.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Britney Spears is facing office with her former brother in law who’s making quite the outrageous accusations these days. It’s bad enough he’s claiming he – and not his brother, Kevin Federline, is actually the father of Spears’ seven year old son, Sean. He’s also saying the pop princess is responsible for more than $4,500 in fraudulent charges on his credit card. Christopher Federline claims she stole it after he accidentally left it as his brother’s house. His allegations say that not only did she rack up the charges for, of all things, comic books, but she then blackmailed him.

In court papers filed earlier this month, K Fed’s youngest brother is seeking a restraining order against Spears. But it’s the details that have tongues wagging. In the filing, Federline says when he confronted Spears about the stolen credit card, she laughed at him, told him that his brother ruined her life and made fun of him before she got around to “blackmailing me and told me if I tell the police that she stole my credit card that she will tell the world I’m the true father of Sean Preston, not Kevin”. He then admits to having slept with his sister in law while she was married to his brother and he even insists he is indeed the father of the young boy. Also in the request for the restraining order, he calls her an “out of control maniac”. He adds a strange footnote, “But the public does not need to know”. Someone should explain to him how the term “public record” works.

Turns out, Federline may not have had too much evidence as a judge quickly kicked the entire debacle to the curb. He did say that he contacted the comic book store to request the owner to dispute the charges that included Betty Boop, Mad Magazine and Archie comics, but that the owner declined because she had been a loyal customer for years. It should also be noted if what he says is true, it means he betrayed his marriage as well. He was married at the time the Sean Preston, who is one year older than his brother, Jayden James, was conceived. Her ex husband, Kevin Federline, was given custody of both boys in 2008.

The real question is did she or didn’t she steal his credit card? And if so, who needs close to five grand in comic books? We’re curious, but like all things with Britney Spears, the truth is likely somewhere out in left field.

A Little Law and Order

Meanwhile, Terrence Howard, who’s starred in several films and television shows, including The Iron Man, is being sued by American Express. The credit card company claims he owes close to $33,500 in unpaid debt. Additional damages are being sought after as well including court fees and legal fees.

The lawsuit was filed November 30th in Los Angeles Superior Court. The suit names Howard specifically, as well as his production company, Al Chemist Productions Inc. The lawsuit, along with the legal fees, also wants Howard to pay ten percent interest on the balance from the date the lawsuit was filed.

You may recall Howard from Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Law & Order and Crash. A spokesperson for Howard has declined to comment on the matter.

Prince Charming

Meanwhile, Cary Elwes, who starred in “The Princess Bride”, has his own problems with his credit cards. He’s being sued for racking up $40,000 in credit card charges and then not paying for them. The company, a debt collection agency for Wells Fargo, Investment Retrievers Inc., says his credit card charges go back at least two years. The court filing includes the company’s adamant insistence that it’s tried to work with Elwes. He paid $20,000 a few months ago but is no longer taking their calls. It wants the remaining $40, 334.12. It also wants interest, court fees and lawyers’ fees, as well.

The court date for this celebrity is scheduled for March 13th and as expected, no one from his side is responding to media requests for comment.

So what do you think about these celebrities who bypass their financial obligations? All part of the game or just plain irresponsibility? Let us know what you think should happen.

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