Monday, March 4th, 2024

News Author: Jon Dell

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Mortgages, Announcements & Scandals

With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it’s akin to “two steps forward and one step back” as the agencies improve in some areas and deal with scandals in other areas.

Money, Men, Women and Work


Men are choosing to stand in line for disability instead of lines for a job. Are the reasons justified and should women not feel guilty about making the money that pays the Visa bill each month?

Emergency Savings by the Numbers


Contradicting reports suggest we either are or aren’t building our emergency savings. We may or may not be financially savvy, either.

IFR: Problems Grow, Lawsuit Next?


The disorganized and embarrassing known as IFR continues to fall apart as Rust Consulting admits to sending wrong checks out this week.

New Service Detects Child Identity Theft


Child identity theft is on the rise. One company is now offering a free service for parents to protect their little ones.

FHA Needs $943 Million


It’s good economics: the close to $1 billion in taxpayer funds that will be required to save FHA could be pulled from the $17 billion profit Fannie Mae reported last year.

Guess Who Else Has Shopping Addictions?


Both men and women have shopping addictions; in fact, it’s about half and half according to statistics. What to look for and why it’s not as simple as many believe.

3 Money Trends That May Affect You


The recession has resulted in new credit scoring models and borrowing options.

Did Wells Fargo Kill Disabled Navy Veteran?


A retired military veteran played by the rules and was still foreclosed on by Wells Fargo, even after the bank admitted the error was its own.

Does the Pope Have a Credit Card?


Does the Pope have a credit card? How about bank accounts? As we ready to hear who will be named Pope, we explore these questions.

Loan Modification Scam Prevention Resources


Scammers are everywhere, waiting to steal your identity, credit cards and cash.

Komen, BoA Partnership at Risk?


Arvest Bank bought 29 branches of Bank of America in several states. What does this mean for BoA partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation?