Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

News Author: Evita Page

So Just What Kind of Credit Scores Do You Need?


What kind of credit score would qualify you for the Visa Black card or the American Express Gold Card? Here’s the low down on credit scores.

Credit Card Debt Grows for College Students


Despite 2009 CARD Act, college students are still facing overwhelming credit card debt. Here are new guidelines for parents.

The Little Bank That Could: Suing 16 Global Banks


In the first of what’s sure to be a record number of lawsuits, a small New York bank is leading the charge in class action lawsuits pertaining to the LIBOR scandal.

13 States Cut Medicaid, Consumers to Pay with Credit Cards?


As the new healthcare law continues to be hashed out, some states are already making cuts. Will consumers be forced to pay their medical expenses with their Visas or MasterCards?

FTC: Prepaid Card Scam Targets Immigrants


Another scam is making the rounds, this time targeting immigrants and their use of prepaid calling cards.

San Bernardino, Calif Files for Bankruptcy


The third California city to file bankruptcy in the past two weeks is San Bernardino. It has no money for payroll and says if it doesn’t file, the city could, in essence, shut down.

A Look Back: 2011 and Credit Sector


The movers and shakers in the financial sector were keeping the media busy last year. How much has changed and what about the scandals?

Banks and Their Ulterior Motives


Are banks doing their part to keep a division among low income customers and those with multiple high yield accounts that keep them as preferred customers?

Dimon on Capitol Hill Again


Jamie Dimon faced Capitol Hill again. Things heated up before he even made his late arrival. Many are saying he was handled with kid gloves.

Is Cash Out?


These days, it’s all about debit or credit cards, smartphones and other currency these days, according to a new Rasmussen Report. In fact, two in five adults have gone without cash in their pockets for weeks.

Credit Card Interest Rates Unchanged


Credit card offers aren’t as plentiful as they were just a few months ago and the interest rates haven’t moved, either. Consumers aren’t spending as much and when they do, more are reaching for cash.

Will JPMorgan Loss Mean More Fed Oversight?


Regulators are closely watching for repercussions of the massive $2 billion loss by JPMorgan trading position.