Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

News Author: Beth May

Bankrupt San Bernardino: Criminal Probe


Less than a week after San Bernardino’s announcement that it would be filing bankruptcy, an announcement was made that law enforcement has opened a criminal probe.

Shortfalls & Suicide Attempts: Peregrine Financial


Peregrine Financial Group is front and center and is now being investigated and there are several investors who aren’t mincing their words. The CEO attempted suicide this week, which only adds to the mystery.

Unemployment to Remain High?


Is it possible the 8%+ unemployment rate can persist for several more years and which presidential candidate is best equipped to solve these problems?

Want to Close Your Checking Account? Pay Up


Congress has been asked to look into fees banks are charging to close consumers bank accounts.

Dow Loses 2012 Gain on Jobs as Stocks Fall


The Dow has lost all its 2012 gains. This is the fourth time in five weeks that the Dow has suffered big losses. Europe’s financial crisis is front and center.

Calls for Probe of Ally Pre-Bankruptcy Deals


Are demands for ResCap documents “need to know” or is there more at play, such as fears that the smallest mistake could jeopardize the efforts?

Did John Edwards Lie During Campaign?


The U.S. is arguing former presidential candidate John Edwards “planted seeds of destruction” during his bid for president in 2008.

Former AMEX FCO Joins Groupon


Groupon Inc., the popular local deals coupon site, named Daniel Henry, the finance chief of American Express Co. and Robert Bass, a vice chairman of Deloitte LLP, as directors in efforts to improve investor confidence.