Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

News Author: Antonio Bard

Problems Mount for College Students


CFPB is reporting aggressive lenders who are profiting from inexperienced college students looking for financing options are on the rise.

Treasury Department Scandal


Another government sex scandal is being swept under the rug. It could be because taxpayer dollars, in the form of a government credit card, was used by a Treasury Department employee to hire prostitutes.

Medical Marijuana – Leave Credit Card at Home


For those who rely on medical marijuana, a new push to not use your credit card means you’ll now pay cash.

Retiring at 65? Think Again


Sometimes even the most cautious planning isn’t good enough, as many would-be retirees are realizing they’re going to have to work longer.

Dozens Arrested in Financial Cybercrime Crackdown


Dozens arrested in international crime spree that included credit card and identity theft, among others.

Is Moodys Ready to Strike With Downgrades?


It appears Moody’s may be prepared to move forward with its downgrading efforts of many global banks, including some in the U.S. The question is – which U.S. banks are in the crosshairs?

New Mandatory Arbitration Guidelines?


For decades, companies have worked double time to keep consumers from suing and instead, entering into arbitration.

Citigroup Sued Over CDO Losses


Citigroup is now on the wrong end of a lawsuit filed by Woori Bank. In it, the goal is to recover losses from the Seoul-based lender’s $95 million investment in debt obligations.

Fuel Demand Down in U.S.: MasterCard


According to MasterCard, U.S. gasoline demand fell for a second consecutive week to the lowest level in two months.