Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

News Author: Antonio Bard

Is Romney a Threat to CFPB?


Big changes are coming in the financial sector if Romney & Ryan win the White House. One of those changes is the repealing Dodd Frank, the bill that put into place CFPB.

What Can We Really Expect From Fiscal Cliff?


Do you think the fiscal cliff will occur? If it does, millions of Americans will lose the tax cuts that have kept them out of poverty.

October is National Women’s Small Business Month


October is Women’s Small Business Month. Women now own 50% of all small businesses in the U.S.

Recovering From and Avoiding Big Summer Debt


As the summer travel season comes to a close many have to prepare their fall finances to pay for their vernal excursions. Here are a few tips for dealing with summer debt.

What Does QE3 Mean for You?


The Fed continues to enjoy the kudos being heaped upon Chairman Ben Bernanke. The only problem is, no one’s mentioned much about what happens to Mr. Everyday Consumer.

Frequent Flyer Accounts New Phishing Targets


Most people are familiar with “Phishing” e-mails that try to trick you into revealing your password or sending money to a questionable recipient but a new scheme attempts to use the same strategy to steal your Frequent Flyer miles.

PayPal And Discover Redefine the Mobile Wallet


As the mobile payment/digital wallet game ramps up, the announcement of Discover’s partnership with PayPal is definitely a big sign of things to come from two of the biggest names in the financial sector.

Is the Fiscal Cliff a Threat?


Most financial and political analysts believe Congress will make a last minute “patch” to avoid a fiscal cliff for the good of the country. Others aren’t that hopeful.

Grab Your Rosary Beads, Mr. Romney


Will presidential hopeful Mitt Romney accept an invitation from a group of nuns to see firsthand how Americans are struggling? Job losses, no financial resources and poverty is what these faithful women see on a daily basis.

Starbucks Partners with Mobile Payment Leader Square


This fall, you’ll be able to pay for your favorite Starbucks coffee with technology offered by Square, Inc. And soon, you won’t even have to swipe your credit card, but rather, speak your name.

What Really Happened in the 2008 Financial Crisis?


Rogue bankers, subprime mortgages and a series of events perfectly timed for disaster – these are all part of the reason for the recent recession, dubbed the worse since the Great Depression.

More Citigroup Backlash


Sandy Weill no longer believes his decision to repeal Glass Steagall was the right one; now, Gary Kaminsky insists he knows where the bodies are buried.