Net First Platinum: Affordable Shopping Card With Money Saving Benefits

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The Net First Platinum is a membership plan that gives shopping opportunities with a generous unsecured credit line, as well as the ability to save money on other things that may come up in life. This makes the card one that can integrate itself into a person's life.

The Net First Platinum card is a shopping card that gives you a guaranteed unsecured credit limit that is generous. If you need more than $500, then it is possible to get more. Nonetheless, the guaranteed credit limit is one that is not based on creditworthiness. It is simply based on the fact that you are employed, have a U.S. bank account with a debit card or a credit card, and that you are at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the U.S. Once it is verified that you are who you say that you are, you qualify for membership that can receive immediate approval. This means that you can begin using the card in the exclusive online store that allows you to purchase merchandise that you want.

By giving members a credit limit that is high enough to allow them to effectively use the online store, they are able to acquire name brand merchandise that will be delivered straight to their door. Electronics, kitchen appliances, and office equipment are just examples of what members can acquire with their card.


The charges related to the account are rather simple. There is no annual percentage rate for purchases. That means there is no variable rate to have to be concerned about. There is a monthly auto-payment that is deducted from the credit or debit card that is on file. This fee is small. If this payment would fail three times due to insufficient funds, then the member is auto enrolled into the basic starter benefits plan that is just a few dollars per month. The starter benefits include some of the benefits of full membership.

If the payment does not go through due to insufficient funds, then there is an NSF check fee that is applied. If that results in the payment being late, then a late payment fee will also be charged. Lastly, there is a onetime card issuance and account validation fee.

However, there are shipping and handling fees on the items that are purchased from the store. These shipping and handling fees include a very small outlet store residential delivery fee and an outlet store delivery signature verification fee. These fees are very reasonable and smaller than what shipping and handling fees may be on some items.

On a monthly basis, you will pay your membership fee and the monthly fee for your purchases and that is it, aside from the shipping and handling. That makes you having the ability to buy name brand merchandise more affordable than it would be otherwise.

Full Benefits

When members are enrolled in the regular monthly membership plan, they receive the unsecured card and access to My Privacy Protection, My Universal Rx, My Roadside Protect, and My Legal Assistance.

If the membership plan needs to be reduced at any point due to insufficient funds, the credit line access still stands, but the member can take advantage of Credit report Access, Prepaid Legal access, and Discount Prescription access. In other words, there is no Roadside Assistance. If a member is automatically reduced to basic benefits, the member can contact customer service and reinstate the full benefits. The proper arrangements will need to be made to cover any missed back payments.

For a better breakdown of the benefits, the My Privacy Protection enables you to monitor your credit report online when you want to. This allows you to keep track of what is happening with your credit so that you can take action when you need to. If someone opens a credit account in your name, you will know about it. You can see all activity so that you can make positive changes and identify unauthorized activity.

My Universal Rx gives you unlimited discounts at participating pharmacies on qualifying medications. You can check the list of medications on a website so that you know which ones are covered.

My Roadside Protection begins after a 5-day waiting period from the date of enrollment or reinstatement of the account. You can make three service calls within a year, but no more than one towing service call in a month. Towing will take you a short distance from where you are broken down. My Roadside Protection also gives you fluid delivery up to a specific number of gallons, but you do have to pay the pump price after it is delivered. You also receive tire change service that will put your spare on in the event you get a flat tire.

My Legal Assistance gives you free Internet access to a number of legal resources. You can also opt for a free consultation with a legal professional on a non-criminal matter. This is something that can help you get the information you need and even make an informed decision on who you would like your attorney to be.

There are also courtesy programs, such as My Fuel Savings that will save you money on fuel costs. If you travel a lot, then this is something that will save you a lot of money.

Card Security

Card security depends largely on cardholders taking care of their accounts. However, Horizon Card Services will give their full cooperation when a police report is provided along with a statement that shows the fraud. They will work to ensure a fair resolution in the matter, giving you some security when there may be fraudulent charges on your Net First Platinum or your credit or debit card on file.

Final Thought

The Net First Platinum is a card that gives more than just the ability to shop; it also gives its members the ability to use a number of programs that are designed to save the cardholder money. These programs can easily offset some of the cost of membership throughout the life of the account.

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